4th Of July Activism and Inspiration

Let’s commence this 4th of July with a music! Simply click the website link down below for Reina del Cid’s impressive adaptation of “My State ‘Tis of Thee.”

“Land of dystopia/
Religious myopia.”

People of you who are in NYC and have no ideas in the very around long term can sign up for me at this march in Brooklyn at 5 PM these days.

Not in New York Town or otherwise not readily available? Do not stress! I have a week’s value of activism solutions for individuals in NYC and throughout the country in my latest Indivisible Activate NYC e-newsletter.

Read through THE E-newsletter AND GET ACTIVATED!

On the educational front, there is no time like the existing to go through (or re-browse) the popular 4th of July speech by statesman/orator/abolitionist Frederick Douglass. If you are extra of a listener than a reader, you’re in luck, for the reason that you can hear James Earl Jones examine it.


When I re-browse this speech myself, one aspect of it often hits me in different ways than the final time, relying on latest events. Currently it is this passage:

There are seventy-two crimes in the State of Virginia, which, if fully commited by a black gentleman, (no make a difference how ignorant he be), issue him to the punishment of death although only two of the very same crimes will issue a white person to the like punishment.

How minor has changed, and how tough we will have to combat! But really do not despair. As Coretta Scott King mentioned, “Freedom is hardly ever definitely won. You get paid it and get it in every generation.” Let us win.

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