September 28, 2022


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Pure Extract de Parfum – Xerjoff More Than Words (Long Lasting Perfume Made By Utur Ul Haramain)

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Xerjoff – parfum pour hommes et femmes, bleu Hope edp (testeur) 100 ml  Kserjof Blyu Houp pour hommes et femmes | AliExpress

Product details for Xerjoff More Than Words – Pure Extract de Parfum – (Long Lasting Perfume Made By Utur Ul Haramain)

  • Fragrance of high quality.
  • Over 6 hours on average.
  • Perfume with high concentrations.
  • Choose from more than 2000 perfumes.
  • For best growth, silage, and longevity.
  • Price match guarantee.
  • The best-selling fragrance of all time.
  • The Original Pure Perfume Oil is Concentrated and Long Lasting.
  • Closely resembles the original designer scent.
  • Attar that is alcohol free.
  • Filler such as water or cheap filler is not used.
  • Dermatologically safe
  • Available in Attar in 12ml, 6ML & 3ML and in 15ml, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml sizes.
  • An individual’s life has always been enhanced by a good fragrance. Turulharamin presents a range of exemplary concentrated perfumes and attars.
    • Our aim is to provide you with a wide selection of both Arabic Oriental and French Attars at your doorstep with a 0% compromise on quality.
    • Turulharamin’s vision is to provide customers with only halal attars, free of prohibited animal derivatives being widely and excessively used in the perfume and attar industries.
    • Our goal at Nurul Haramain is to source only those attars which are halal compliant.
    • Our perfume oils and attars are concentrated to offer you an exemplary range of products. With no compromise on quality, we offer sweet, soft, pleasing fragrances to strong, earthy, and woody scents.
    • Our customers have responded very positively to Turkul Haramin’s launch of special blends.
    • Perfumes are our passion and we are a family run business.
    • At a fraction of the cost of the top brands, all of our fragrances are oil-based. Compared to high street prices, we offer up to 95% savings.
    • Our business is very passionate and our customer service is excellent to enable customers to have a great experience when they make a purchase.
    • Since our fragrances smell stronger, they last longer. Our customers have given us 100% positive reviews.
    • Our essential oil fragrances are inspired by the top brands.
    • In the pictures, you can see how the product will be packaged. We are not affiliated with the brands, and we do not imply that we are.
    • The fragrances we create are based on some of the most iconic perfumes and aftershaves in the world. We use 90% of the same ingredients as the big-name brands; the only difference is the cost. You can select your favorite fragrance, without restrictions, with prices slashed to more affordable levels.
    • Wear an eau de parfum that you like, and let the scent do the talking.
    • Apart from being a rip off, the quality of high street perfumes is also poor. How many times have you used a perfume that is heavily advertised but only lasts a couple of hours? This is bad!
    • This occurs because the alcohol content in these perfumes is so high that it ends up killing the perfume. Perfumes should not be sprayed with alcohol because it is a drying agent and it negatively affects the perfume. However, it must be used to make the perfume sprayable.
    • Although it may seem hard to believe, the scented oils I offer here are very similar in scent and quality to the perfume oil used in high street perfumes.
    • In the case of high street perfumes, advertising, fancy packaging, and celebrity endorsements drive up the cost of the product, so since you don’t have to pay for all those things, I can sell them to you for a fraction of the price.
    • Beer
    • A.K.
    • The Water of Parma
    • NIKE
    • Theerin
    • Ainan
    • Salah
    • Explicit
    • I am Al Haramain
    • Nuaim ibn
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