Saturday Surfing, October 29, 2022!

Hi, friend. Satisfied Caturday!

My new favored thing lately has been generating banana bread for my buddies and neighbors. It is a single of the factors I have been carrying out to continue to keep my spirit up there is anything about giving baked treats that would make my heart experience fantastic.

I’ve been making use of this uncomplicated recipe. It also works great with gluten-free of charge flour if you have a wheat allergy!

Anywho, I have been chugging together and wrapping up the final of my jobs at get the job done. My last day is Monday — Halloween! I’m half tempted to show up to my meetings dressed up in some crazy point out.

Doop-da-do, just chilling in this tree in my front yard.

Or possibly I’ll just throw some panda ears on and call it a day?

Content Halloween!

You know I like to preserve points intriguing.

Are you (or your littles) dressing up this 12 months? Coywolf is undertaking a mermaid vibe.

This week’s looking at
For my curly women!
Alright, the makeup in this is *chef’s kiss.* out?v=z5XdX_ryHoc
Just in circumstance.

Why does stuff like this in no way materialize when I go to Chipotle? out?v=6LkcId747x8
Critical facts! at?v=JPWycy8cwN8
Microneedling 411.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Your helpful community natural beauty addict,


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