January 30, 2023


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Why Should We Avoid Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelashes are highly known for the beauty of eyes that highlights the look. They protect your eyes from dirt, elements & particles, which can seriously harm your eyes. Nowadays, people are highly inclined towards the trend and beauty culture, where they choose eyelash extensions. This helps to give an enhancing look to eyelashes.

Eyelashes extension is a semi-permanent solution that gives a stunning look by making your lashes long and thick artificially and appealing to your eyes. They may look excellent for a few days, but they are inappropriate in the long run for your eyelash health. Moreover, ophthalmologists never suggest eyelash extension, as it harms their natural thickness and affects your eyes and the skin around them.

Eyelash extension is artificially based eyelashes, which are made up of synthetic or silk material. To give the desired look from the ordinary, people purchase them. Nowadays, it is common for girls to have eyelash extensions. But, experts don’t recommend such artificial eyelashes. Read on to know the reasons.

Reasons to Avoid Eyelash Extension

Having eyelash extensions has many side effects on the eyes and skin. Here is why you should avoid such processes:-

Dryness on Eyes

After getting the extension, you are advised to avoid washing your face or eyes for a minimum of 24 hours which may increase the eye’s dryness. Oil-based products may not help as they wet lashes, attracting dust. Moreover, it can easily lead to eye infections.

The dust contains numerous bacteria that adversely affect the eyes, and the oil glands get obstructed.


Sometimes, eyelash extensions make your eye red, affecting irritation or difficulty. Redness impacts your vision and eye health which can cause huge complications.


Each eyelash extension contains glue that is a preservative chemical formaldehyde. These chemical compounds can cause allergic reactions to the skin. Moreover, it happens when you use them for prolonged periods, where changing them after every use might help. Additionally, allergic reactions could occur anytime, and taking proper care of eyelids will be effective, as you should always be contrary to what you thought.


One of eyelash extensions’ most common side effects is constant inciting or irritation. This happens due to the low quality of the extension. In some cases, the glue quality makes a harmful impact on eyelids. For the same, rubbing your eyes will increase this problem and lead to severe infection. Moreover, it will profoundly impact the eyelids.


Using any artificial product on natural skin can make it worse, impacting infections and diseases. The body part is susceptible and needs gentle care and treatment. Extension glue can be adhesive that causes infection in the eyes. Moreover, to maintain the eyelashes in proper shape, a lot of care is required after the procedure, so it can make your eyelid healthy and safe.

Impacts the Original

Whenever you want to use eyelash extensions where you want to enhance the look, during this procedure, the artificial extension is applied on the original eyelash, away from the roots, to look real. The whole weight depends on the natural hair, which leads to hair breakage and ruins the lashes altogether.

Follow Some Vital Steps

It is highly recommended to follow steps that protect your eyelashes and help them to grow longer and thicker.

Lash Serum

Choosing the best lash serum would help to protect your eyelash skin and hair, provide complete care and strengthen the length by stimulating hair follicles. It adversely helps hair fall and promotes growth with vital nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, and peptides. Moreover, lash serum can improve the appearance of eyelashes and increase moisture level, but it’s recommended to use after consulting ophthalmologists.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a cool gel that nourishes the eyelid skin properly and makes the hair strong and shiny. Aloe vera is a good source of collagen, which hydrates and moisturizes the skin and hair. Due to cool gel and anti-inflammatory properties, it makes your eyes relax and calm & resolves all the brittle and dryness.


While using constant eyelash extensions for a prolonged time, you might get various issues. Using natural oils like coconut oil can be effective. You need to gently apply the oil with cotton on the eyelids, making them nourished and oily. It conditions the skin and hair to make it stronger and longer.


Lash Mascara is another good way to treat your eyelash, where it volumizes the hair density and makes it darker and dense. This makes your hair long and strong, where the properties are the same as lash serum.

Wrapping Up

Eyelashes are the most sensitive part of the eyes, and using extensions could harm them adversely. With this guide’s help, you learn how to take gentle care of your eyelashes. Many alternatives are available that maintain the eyelid and hair by cleansing them & boost their growth. For the best results, you can choose MD lash serum. They always strive for quality.

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