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15 Best Sparkling Water Brands Of 2022, According To Dietitians

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15 Best Sparkling Water Brands Of 2022, According To Dietitians

Jason Speakman

Gone are the days when your only sparkling water options were giant, two-liter seltzer bottles beneath rows of soda at the grocery store. The age of fizzy water has officially arrived! (Fun fact: Sparkling water is actually expected to be a 7.4 billion dollar industry in 2022.) Now, there are so many bubbly water brands and flavor combinations, picking one is actually borderline overwhelming.

With its wild popularity, the bubble buzz has also brought about some confusion—like, uh, are sparkling water, seltzer, and club soda really all the same thing?

Yes, seltzer and sparkling water are essentially identical; just plain old water that’s carbonated (a.k.a. made bubbly) with carbon dioxide. But sparkling mineral water is slightly different. In this case, you’re sipping water from natural springs or wells that contains minerals like sodium and magnesium and is naturally carbonated. Club soda, on the other hand, is plain water that has both minerals and carbon added to it in processing.

Though sparkling water may seem like an across-the-board healthy option, not all brands are created equal. To make sure your fizzy drink is as good-for-you as can be, choose a brand that is low in sodium and contains no added sugars, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners, says dietitian Elizabeth Shaw, RDN, CPT. (A little natural sweetness from real fruit juice is a-okay, though.)

Though many sparkling waters come canned these days, if you choose an option in a plastic bottle, just double check that it’s BPA-free, Shaw says. Keep your bubbly sips simple by opting for one of the following 15 fizzy water brands—all recommended by dietitians, happy customers, and Women’s Health editors.

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Spindrift Sparkling Water with Real Squeezed Fruit

What sets Spindrift apart from other sparkling waters: It’s made with real squeezed juice. “It tastes the most ‘natural,’ without any ‘natural flavors’ added in,” says dietitian Alanna Waldron, RD. With slightly colorful hues (thanks to the juice), Spindrift’s sparking waters are just sweet enough and low in calories. (Flavors range from zero to 15 calories per serving.) 

Rave review: “I love how Spindrift has actual juice with no sugar! It’s the best! I’ll typically put lime or lemon in sparkling water, but I find that the lime or lemon goes bad or it’s not as easy to take around town. I also love all the flavors, but raspberry lime is probably my favorite with lemon being a close second.” —amazon.com


POLAR 100% Natural Seltzer

Registered dietitians Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames love that POLAR is free from any added sugars and sodium. Plus, with 18 flavors (the Cranberry Lime is too good) to choose from, you’ll never get bored with this pick.

Rave review: “Great taste, perfectly carbonated, and excellent selection of flavors, at an excellent price!” —amazon.com

“Similar to other flavored sparkling waters, Bubly’s products are unsweetened and caffeine-free,” says dietitian Cara Harbstreet, RD of Street Smart Nutrition. She loves the brand’s fun packaging—and that they’ve continued to expand their flavor offering.

In addition to boxes of cans at the grocery store, you can also find individual bottles of Bubly at lots of convenience stores, when you crave fizz on-the-go.

Rave review: “The strawberry and mango are my favorite so far! Very realistic fruit flavors and it’s a bonus that the packaging is just so darn cute.” —amazon.com


Simple Truth Organic Seltzer Water

The only ingredients in this pick: carbonated water and organic natural flavors. “It’s an added bonus that Simple Truth is organic, because some brands ‘natural’ ingredients are actually chemically derived,” say Lakatos and Lakatos Shames. 

Rave review: “I buy various brands of sparkling/seltzer water and Simple Truth’s is one of the best. Great flavors at good prices.” —vitacost.com


La Croix Sparkling Water

La Croix

La Croix is a heavy favorite in the sparkling water world, with some flavors that practically have cult followings. “At one point, it was estimated that the brand held nearly 30 percent of the market share in the seltzer category,” says Harbstreet, who credits its tropical, fruit-forward flavors. 

Like many others, the popular brand lists carbonated water, natural flavors, and natural essences as its only ingredients.

Rave review: “I have made an effort to reduce processed sugar, but am concerned about the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas. I decided to give La Croix Sparkling Water a try and am glad I did. I love the variety pack, as it gave me a chance to sample 14 different flavors. I think they are a great alternative to diet soda and they have become my new go-to beverage!” —amazon.com

While Zevia is best known for its stevia-sweetened soda, don’t overlook their sparkling waters. Harbstreet is a fan of their Cucumber-Lemon flavor and the fact that Zevia’s waters are free from phosphoric acid, which is often used to give beverages a tangy flavor. 

“This means Zevia is a good option for people who may not be able to enjoy products containing phosphate, calcium, or potassium additives, like those with renal disease,” Harbstreet says. 

Rave review: “Best sparkling water on the market, love the taste of the Blackberry and cucumber lime. Very refreshing.” —zevia.com


Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

While you may think of Perrier as something your parents might order at a fancy restaurant, don’t discount it. “It’s calorie-free and keeps it simple with just natural spring water, carbon dioxide, and natural flavors,” say Lakatos and Lakatos Shames. “With so many waters sneaking in added sugar, we like that this one doesn’t.”

Rave review: “We love the crisp and consistent taste of Perrier. No funny aftertastes, just smooth and effervescent. When we switched from soda to water we all missed the fizz. Fortunately we didn’t have to sample too many before we tried Perrier. Now all others taste ‘wrong’ to our home.” —amazon.com


HUZZAH Seltzer Water Probiotic Drink

Keri Glassman, RD, of Nutritious Life loves Huzzah seltzer for its added probiotics. “You feel like you’re drinking your water, you’re staying hydrated—but you’re also getting that little bit of bonus probiotics,” she adds, which are “good for gut health and immune support.” 

Out of the three flavors, Glassman says the Strawberry Hibiscus is her favorite. 

Rave review: “Yum! Tastes great.” —amazon.com 


Hal’s New York Seltzer Water

While Waldron (who is based in New York City) admits she may be biased, she loves this “New York” seltzer water for its serious bubbles. “I always drink this brand when I want a heavily carbonated beverage without any added sugars,” she says.

Rave review: “So delicious. It’s tough to find a seltzer water without artificial flavors or sweeteners. This one is AWESOME and hits the spot. Mixes well or works well alone for a grab-and-go calorie-free drink. LOVE it!” —amazon.com


Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water

Shaw says this brand is one of her family’s favorites. “Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also made without artificial sweeteners or a laundry list of ingredients,” she says. “I like the three staple flavors—lime, lemon, and grapefruit—over some of the more exotic ones you’ll find in other variety packs.” 

Plus, you can’t beat Costco’s return policy: If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied, you can return it for free.

Rave review: “I am a sparkling water HUGE fan and KIRKLAND is my go to water! I ABSOLUTELY love the flavors and it quenches your thirst! LOVE LOVE LOVE!” —influenster.com 


Sanzo Flavored Sparkling Water

WH editor Maridel Reyes calls this her fave. Sanzo comes in three refreshing flavors: mango, lychee, and calamansi (a kind of lime). And, with four stars on Amazon, the brand has hundreds of happy customers. Does it get any better than that? 

Rave review: “We drink a lot of seltzer / sparkling waters at the house,” one review reads. “Nothing against the standard sparkling water flavors / generic brands (they’re great value), but Sanzo really takes it to the next level. The flavor profiles are rich and complex, and just incredibly satisfying. I love that they’re bringing some of these traditionally underrepresented flavors to market, and the fact that they’re a click away with free shipping is quite exciting :-).” —amazon.com 


San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Harbstreet loves San Pellegrino because of its wide range of options. “I can opt for the mineral water if I want something bubbly without being overwhelmed with fizz,” she says. When she’s craving something sweeter, she’ll go for one of Pellegrino’s fruit-flavored beverages, which are like sparkling juices.  

Rave review: “Really like this sparkling water. It is a crisp, unsweetened mineral water, which quenches my thirst here in hot Texas. So nice to get away from sugar and artificial sweeteners. Plastic bottles are BIG.” —amazon.com 

Another WH editor pick, Aurora’s Hemp Elixirs are infused with hemp extract and come in five flavors: lavender orange, rosemary grapefruit, cayenne citron, blackcurrant spruce, and spiced orange bergamot. News editor Karla Alindahao says “I love the flavors,” adding that the cayenne citron is her fave.  

Rave review (for cayenne citron): “Refreshing, excellent flavor profile. Citron and spice ratio is elegantly balanced. Overall, a very sophisticated, refreshing drink.” —auroraelixirs.com 


Poland Spring Sparkling Water

Waldron is a long-time fan of Poland Spring’s sparkling water. “Their sparkling water tastes very crisp and the flavors are subtle, without any artificial aftertaste,” she says. “I also find them to be one of the most reasonably priced sparkling waters on the market.”

Rave review: “Best bottled water I’ve ever had. Really carbonated just the way I like it. I add natural flavorings. Even without flavors it tastes great.” —walmart.com 


Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water

According to its nutrition label, each bottle of Gerolsteiner Mineral Water contains 8 percent of your daily recommended calcium intake. It’s “another one I like because of the calcium,” says Glassman. 

FYI, whether you’re getting calcium from a supplement or from mineral water, it’s all the same to your body, Glassman clarifies. So sip away! 

Rave review: “My favorite water…bubbly but in a soft way. Has healthy minerals and a truly unique taste that blows other bubbly waters, well, out of the water.” —amazon.com

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