June 18, 2024


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7 NYC Valentine’s Day Hotel Offers That Promise Romance And Respite

8 min read

Hoping to make Valentine’s Day special for your partner? 

With the pandemic cloud still hanging over much of the world, it’s prudent to stay close to home. However, if you must travel, it’s generally safer to travel by foot or car (rather than by plane) and it’s essential to remain hypervigilant about observing COVID-19 public health and safety protocols. 

Yet, many people are tired of living and working in one place, and desperately desire a taste of the pampered luxury they once knew. Here are some New York City hotels that promise a change of venue for locals as well as a chance to rekindle and recharge romance on Valentine’s Day. These celebratory hotel packages are only a sampling of many available at different locations and price points throughout the city. 

Of course, during a global pandemic, cleanliness and safety are top of mind for hoteliers and their guests. Be sure to read the fine print on the respective websites that explain specific COVID-19 precautions being taken at each property. If your questions aren’t fully answered, call the front desk before you book.