July 24, 2024


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8 Expensive And Heartfelt Gifts to Applaud the Women in Life

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The new year 2021 has just begun and we are already three months into this, time flies. We have seen a few holidays and a few birthdays and anniversaries already, and now it’s time to celebrate the day of women. It’s the day to respect the presence and journey of your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, and daughter. Couples who have been in a relationship for some time now to celebrate this meaningful day with a big blast but newbies may need some help. So all kids, brothers, and husbands and boyfriends especially those who have proposed to the woman of their dreams just this Valentine’s day here are some important women’s day gift you should buy to impress your ladies. 

From the most lavish gifts to the most heartfelt ones, all gifts at your disposal mentioned right below will help you get started. Shall we

  • Cake and bouquet

Well to begin with women’s day the first thing you need to inaugurate the day is a cake and bouquet. It includes chocolate cake or any other flavours cake along with at least a dozen red roses in a bouquet. You can order the two online at great discounts and options saving you time. 

  • Smartwatch

Smartwatches are trending these days and it’s only good if your mother has one of those too. You can buy it from MI or apple although there are many less renowned and local brands selling the product. You can choose as per your affordability and preference. And features like heart rate and blood pressure monitor make it a plus.

  • Jewellery

For the most outward gesture, you can go for a woman’s best friend some diamonds and gold. Save your pocket money or salary and buy your mom, sis or wife a piece of jewellery even if it’s a gold ring or a pendant. It is an investment and a show of love. You can go to any government certified jewellery store for the best deals.

  • A Lunch date

Take your favourite woman for a lunch date on women day and treat her to her favourite cuisine and food. Give her time to get dressed and look her very best on a day that celebrates her. Take her to a nearby restaurant or a movie before that keeping in mind your precautions against covid. 

  • Handbag

Women love their share of accessories from shoes, to pendants to handbags that go with all their attire and dresses. Give her a sleek bag purse or laptop case satchel or a tot bag whatever matches her style and preference. You can slip in this handbag a greeting card too to startle your lady and shower love with love. 

  • Explosion box

An explosion box is another renowned present amongst those who love to surprise their loved ones on special occasions. They can be bought online with a custom made look or made at home. If your creativity allows you do not miss out on gifting one of these made by you to your special one. 

  • A day at the spa

What’s better than a day at a spa to relax your mind and muscles? Book an appointment with a renowned parlour near your house and send her off for a day of waxing, hair and body massage, hair cut, spa, manicure and pedicure. 

  • Self-care kit

A self-care kit includes cosmetic products and some from the health category that makes up for a complete package. It can include a few face scrubs and masks along with a facial kit. It may have health juices and protein shakes. A manicure kit and plumping lip masks may also be the right choice.