A Guide to Buying Heart Shaped Diamonds

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There are a lot of questions pertaining to heart-shaped diamonds. Is a heart chapped diamond good? Is a heart shaped diamond tacky? When you are choosing a place to purchase your heart shaped diamond, you could shop wholesale heart cut diamonds at Shira Diamonds in Dallas Texas to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. So, here is a guide to buying heart shaped diamonds.

How do you choose a heart shaped diamond?

It might look very different, but a heart shaped cut is based on the round brilliant cut, a diamond cut that is extremely popular when it comes to diamond engagement rings. There are a lot of factors that you have to look into when you choose to buy a heart shaped diamond, like the cut itself, ratio, Depth and table, symmetry, wings and belly, clarity, color, and carat weight.


The cut quality of a heart shaped diamond is one of the most important factors that you will need to keep in mind because of the diamond’s unique appearance. It isn’t easy as readint its GIA certificate, unfortunately, compared to round brilliant diamonds because it is far more common. 

It is very important that you examine the heart shaped diamond that you are buying for your significant other before you make a purchase. 


The ideal length to width ratio is 1.00, so the length of your diamond should be the same width if you want it to look proportionate and natural without appearing overly bulbous and stretched. If the ratio of this kind of diamond cut is less than 0.90, then it would look chubby and overly wide, if the diamond is 1.10 or above, it would look stretched, elongated and overly thin.

Depth and Table

A heart shaped diamond has a flat top facet called a table, and the size of a diamond’s table has a major impact on the amount of light that would enter into the diamond, causing it to reflect off its other facets and sparkle. This kind of diamond cut should make up 56 to 62 percent of the overall width of the rock, but 54 to 64 percent would also look just as fine. Both the ranges could make the heart shaped diamond look fantastic and would definitely be worth considering it. 

Measuring the depth of the diamond should also be from top to bottom, expressed as a percentage of its width. YOu need to look between 56 and 66 percent for optimal sparkle and fire. 


Because of its complicated shape, the symmetry of the diamond is extremely important. There are a ton of aesthetic features that make up the heart shape of this cut. Look for a diamond that has a distinct and obvious cleft, check that the point of the diamond is distinct enough so that the bottom of the diamond does not appear rounded and make sure that it is divided in the bottom section of the diamond into two clear, separate halves.

Wings and Belly

The wings and belly are also referred to as the shapes of the sides. The wings of the heart shaped diamond should be slightly rounded but not overly bulbous so that it could create the perfect heart shape. 


This refers to how clean your heart shaped diamonds appear when it is viewed by a gemologist. Having a high claridy grade means that the diamond had very few inclusions and blemishes. The higher grades on the scaler are IF (Internally Flawless) and the VVS1 (Very Very Small Inclusions) are very rare, but with heart shaped diamonds, any clarity grade of SI1 (Small Inclusions) and above are better.


Choosing the color of your diamond generally depends on the setting that you choose for the ring. For a white gold or platinum setting, you could get a color grade of H or better. For a yellow or rose gold setting, a lower color grade is okay. The J color grade or better is best for the solitaire setting.

Carat Weight

In choosing your carat weight, you should choose something that fits within your budget. You could get a larger carat weight if you choose a different clarity or color. The shape of the diamond, especially for the heart shaped diamond, becomes more visually appealing the larger the carat weights.

The larger the carat weight, the more visible and obvious the heart shape becomes. 0.5 carat is definitely the absolute minimum carat weight. 

Is a heart shaped diamond expensive?

The heart shaped diamonds are mostly 15 to 20% cheaper than the typical round cut diamond, that has a similar cut, clarity, color and carat weight. You can get a larger diamond if you want to get a heart shaped diamond for the same price of a normal round brilliant cut. It is based on the 4 c’s- cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

A heart shaped diamond is unique and instantly recognizable and if done right, it could look fantastic in a ring or pendant piece of jewelry. When you are looking at diamonds, it is very important to choose a heart shaped diamond with the right quality factors, although it is everywhere, you could easily find examples online in case you need more help.