June 18, 2024


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Fashion forward…or backward?

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Fashion forward…or backward?


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As spring wades into summer time, the retail business once again buzzes with new collections and models. Stylish stores like Abercrombie and Pacsun show their hottest arrivals, hoping to capture the eye of Gen Z and youthful Millennial customers revamping their closets for the hotter months. In spite of the crickets in my lender account, it is even now entertaining to window store and world-wide-web browse. 

Last Thursday afternoon, I made the decision to camp out at the dining area table with my notebook and an abundance of free time that usually comes with the return of hometown boredom. As I surfed as a result of City Outfitters’s trendiest summertime items, my mother, in correct mom manner, drifted around my shoulder for a “subtle” glance at my computer monitor. At the time, my cursor hovered above a small-waisted, military-inexperienced pair of camouflage cargo trousers. The trousers were a exclusive merchandise, and although I have not revealed interest in such a design right before, I felt drawn to the piece. Intrigued, I turned about and requested my mother what she imagined. With no declaring a word, my mom achieved for her mobile phone and pulled up a image of me from 2005, putting on just about equivalent pants. We laughed about how my 3-calendar year-previous self rocked a clothing item now meant for teens in 2022. The pants are just one particular example of how manner from the early 2000s is dealing with a spirited revival amid younger grownups these days. 


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