June 18, 2024


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History Of Body Jet Liposuction In Thailand

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In response to the earlier more invasive liposuction procedures, body jet liposuction uses refined water technology to remove fat. The pulsating water loosens the fat, the water flushes out the stubborn fat by separating it from the tissues. It is the most ‘comfortable’ form of liposuction procedure. In Thailand, this method is highly preferred because water is the main feature, therefore, fewer chemicals enter the body. Patients have reported quick recovery because the healing time is further reduced. For plastic surgery technology, body jet liposuction is at the forefront.

The history of traditional liposuction 

It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for decades. In the early 1980s, liposuction proved to be very popular with clients who wanted to get rid of excess fat deposits. Even though it wasn’t a 100% seamless procedure, the technique demonstrated high reproducibility and was associated with low morbidity. Over the years now, researchers have worked to develop better and workable procedures.  

Body jet liposuction today

In Thailand today, liposuction gives surgeons greater control over what they are doing. This is because they can control the force of the water jet and selectively navigate the jet towards certain areas of fat. The technology involved and enhanced benefit for the patient is the main reasons why there is an increased price for this procedure. KPS Clinic is one of the experts in this field in Bangkok. You’ll find many reviews about liposuction at kpsclinic.com.

What has changed before and now?

Body jet liposuction is a newer method of liposuction where stubborn pockets of fat are effectively removed using a stream of sterile water that breaks them up. The trauma and invasiveness of body jet liposuction are not the same compared to traditional liposuction although the incisions will still be necessary. In traditional liposuction, the cannula is moved from place to place in the target area removing and breaking loose fat cells forcibly while the body jet liposuction the cannula only releases a gentle stream of water which gently vacuums away the fat calls creating fewer incisions.

Advantages of body jet liposuction

It’s safe and comfortable

Compared to other traditional liposuction procedures, body jet liposuction is more safe and comfortable. There is less trauma to the area which is considered much safe and a mild anesthetic is administered with sterile water which will keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Faster recovery

Compared to the traditional method, body jet liposuction will give you a much faster recovery. You’ll have less swelling and bruising with this procedure because the body is not traumatized and prodded as fat cells are broken loose and removed.

Total removal of fat cells

You’ll no longer be able to deposit fat in the treated areas as the procedure removes all fat cells. However, in case you gain weight, the fat will be distributed to other parts of the body where fat cells still exist making your body look unaesthetic and disproportionate. If you gain a significant amount of weight, the fat cells may grow back on the treated area(s) only. 

No skin damage

With body jet liposuction, there will be no damage to the skin as the procedure extracts the fat cells without hurting the layer situated immediately under the skin, therefore, there will be no ripples.