May 30, 2023


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How to Run a Jewellery Business This Pandemic

3 min read
5 Ways to Bring Jewelry Business Online Amidst COVID-19

Let’s face it: few businesses were prepared for a pandemic. Even though most have adjusted now, there are some sectors that are still struggling with that, for various reasons. The good news is, any pandemic has a lifecycle and it will die away. But you can’t just sit back and wait for it to pass – not if you want your business to at least stay afloat, and even thrive.

Retailers – especially those offering affordable fashion earrings in Australia – can use certain strategies to deal with the restrictions as well as customers’ new purchasing habits in the meantime. 

Invest in marketing

When you’re trying to cut costs, it’s important that you don’t completely stop investing in marketing and advertising for your business. This is especially true in a pandemic like the current one, where anyone’s thoughts are usually occupied by immediate needs – both theirs and their family’s. 

That’s why if you sell jewellery, it’s important that potential customers keep seeing your store somehow. Even just a small ad they come across while checking their social media accounts will build your presence. 

Focus on sentiment

Businesses usually play up the functionality of a product – what it’s used for, how it can help in one’s daily life, and so on. Think of dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and furniture. The average homeowner invests in those things because they make chores easier, or make the home more comfortable.

Jewellery, however, isn’t usually marketed that way. Various pieces and jewellery sets are marketed as indulgent purchases, things to be bought for a special occasion. But using the same marketing strategy during a pandemic isn’t a good idea. When someone’s finances are uncertain, they’re not likely to buy anything seen as an indulgence.

However, marketing jewellery as a way to show loved ones how you feel about them will often get the job done. In other words, positive sentiment is the way to go. This pandemic has caused many people to have to bid sudden goodbyes, so they want to avoid situations where they didn’t have a chance to say “I love you”. If you market the pieces you’re selling as a way for them to do that, your audience will buy into it – quite literally, in some cases.

Leverage social media

Customers are relying more and more on online shopping, not just for how easy it is, but because it lets them take care of that chore from the comforts of home, eliminating the need for risky exposure. That’s why jewellery retailers need to let their customers know they don’t just offer in-store shopping. 

Use your social media accounts to inform consumers of new stock, perhaps even livestream the moment you unpack a new shipment of jewellery (no matter how small). When your customers know they can reach you online, and that they can buy from you without leaving their homes, you’ll be more likely to make a sale.