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I’m a cleaning pro – my bizarre trick will make your wardrobe smell AMAZING & only costs 70 cents

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I’m a cleaning pro – my bizarre trick will make your wardrobe smell AMAZING & only costs 70 cents


THE regular air freshener will make your abode odor fantastic, but how do you extend that scent to your closet?

Very well, there is certainly a crafty way to have an wonderful scent wafting throughout your wardrobe, in accordance to a cleaning pro.

The cleaning expert used some Zwitsal perfume to get the hack done


The cleaning pro utilized some Zwitsal fragrance to get the hack performedCredit: TikTok/jusivince_cleansing
"Smells so good" they said of the hack


“Smells so fantastic” they reported of the hackCredit: TikTok/jusivince_cleaning

Cleaning fanatic Julia, who posts on the jusivince_cleansing channel on Tiktok, shared the vital to making your wardrobe smell superb.

The tip functions like a appeal, using an unforeseen 70 cent merchandise to get the job performed.

Grabbing two panty liners, Julia sprayed some Zwitsal fragrance all over them, totally saturating them with the scent.

The subsequent move was easy. She caught the panty liners to the top rated of their wardrobe, and voila!

“Smells so great,” she captioned the movie.

Addressing TikTok people concerns, she revealed she repeats this procedure weekly.

She stated of the nifty trick: “Some of you are inquiring if it is effective. The solution is indeed. For how extensive? It relies upon on the fragrance employed.

“Zwitsal fades pretty quick, so I have to do this just about weekly.

“When I use vital oils of laundry parfume it smells good for months.”

People today remaining praise in the comments and shared some strategies of their personal.

“Include vaseline, odor will previous lengthier,” one consumer claimed.

“TikTok University educating me matters,” somebody mused.

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“Why did I under no circumstances [think] of this!? Shelling out so much funds!” a third human being added.

With yet another uncomplicated option, an individual wrote: “I just set a bar of soap in my closet.”

The cleaning expert sprayed some Zwitsal perfume all over two panty liners


The cleaning specialist sprayed some Zwitsal perfume all around two panty linersCredit history: TikTok/jusivince_cleaning
They stuck the panty liners to the top of their wardrobe


They stuck the panty liners to the best of their wardrobeCredit: TikTok/jusivince_cleansing

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