June 19, 2024


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Improve Product Discoverability on Amazon

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Product discoverability is a massive factor. Even though keywords play an important role in the discoverability of your products, there are still other ways that Amazon uses to rank products in the SERPs.

Below, you will learn the changes that you can make to your listing so that your products will have a chance to be discovered by frequent shoppers.

Make Sure Amazon Knows Your Product Is Relevant

Amazon decides whether or not your product page is relevant to a customer search the very moment a customer hits the search bar. There are so many ways that Amazon uses to determine this, including using your page content like descriptions, bullet points, or titles.

Show Amazon Your Product Will Convert

One of the main ways that Amazon relies on to determine whether or not a product will rank is to track the sales velocity and history of the products. This data suggests to Amazon whether a product will result in sales and retail revenue for them. You can change your sales velocity even though it’s impossible to adjust your sales history. If your sales velocity surges, it will signal to Amazon that your product is now becoming relevant and popular and thus they will rank your listing. So how do you increase your sales velocity to generate sales? It’s simple, some quick suggestions on how to do this are:

  1. Use a repricing tool to maximize buy Box ownership.
  2. Lower your sales price for a quick boost and later increase the price.
  3. Double your sponsored ad budget, especially for relevant keywords.
  4. Improve your image quality and design.
  5. Add a product video to your listing.
  6. Let Amazon Know Your Product Can Be Shipped On Time

Amazon understands that fast and hassle-free shipping is what customers want and that is why they have made it a point of duty to encourage sellers to ship their products through the Fulfilled By Amazon program (FBA).

Optimize your Product Pages

Once a customer has successfully found your product and also taken an extra step to click on your product, there is only one chance remaining to outdo your competitor. Optimizing your product pages is the chance that you have to ensure that a customer chooses your product over a competitor.

So, how do you optimize your product pages?

Perfect Your Titles

In terms of search relevancy, titles are a force to reckon with. If there is no keyboard in the title, there is no point in including the same keyword in the product pages.

List all the relevant keywords that are closely related to your product and include them in your title, ensuring that the most important keywords are captured at the start.

Try to avoid long-winded titles that don’t make sense, as keyword-stuffed titles don’t engage today’s buyers or potential customers.

Always include the manufacturer number and brand name first if you sell branded products.

Also, remember to include at least one unique selling point that clearly differentiates your product from that of your competitors. All the numbers listed in your title should be numerals and not spelled out, Amazon kindle direct publishing one of the easiest methods to get started with amazon business.