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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 727

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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 727


youre exactly where your supposed to be
Take pleasure in this working day, sweet female!

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Exceptional query! It is not, contrary to its title, an true poll, like with minor clicky buttons. It is just a record of extra or a lot less random inquiries I have been publishing on this blog every Monday morning for the earlier quadrillion several years (since 2007).

    1. Aspect element or center aspect?

    A side aspect which is not too considerably from the middle, but it all relies upon on how my cray-cray newborn hairs are feeling at any provided second. They operate the show.

    2. Lavender or rose?

    If we’re conversing about coloration, then lavender. Scents? I’ll go with rose.

    3. What is the key to remaining a successful adult?

    I don’t know. Maybe it is constantly studying the instructions completely? Spending your expenditures? Mastering to allow sh*t go? If you figure this out, please permit me know.

    4. Makeup brand names that you are into at the instant?

    Chantecaille, Kosas, Laura Mercier and Chanel (normally Chanel).

    5. Could you pull off a mullet?

    Challenging go. I don’t have the hair texture or the wardrobe for it.

    6. Are you grossed out by any vegetables?

    Slimy okra in stews is not my jam. Neither is bittermelon, yuck!

    7. Is it sunny out your way today?

    Yup! Blue skies now, but it is chilly simply because of the wind. BTW, chilly in which I are living in California is a superior of 68.

    8. Croissant or danish?

    A refreshing, flaky butter croissant with a aspect of butter and strawberry jam. Do not ignore the cafe au lait.

    9. Some thing that tends to make your lifestyle much better?

    My spouse and daughter, this weblog (thank goodness for innovative endeavors), socks that don’t slide down while I stroll, duo fiber cheek brushes and owning a thing to look forward to, like a vacation or a brunch. Whoops! That is far more than just one detail.

    Your helpful neighborhood magnificence addict,


    P.S. Here are the questions to duplicate/paste with your answers in a remark. Speak to ya before long.

    1. Facet component or middle component?
    2. Lavender or rose?
    3. What is the crucial to staying a profitable grownup?
    4. Makeup brand names that you are into at the instant?
    5. Could you pull off a mullet?
    6. Are you grossed out by any veggies?
    7. Is it sunny out your way right now?
    8. Croissant or danish?
    9. One thing that can make your life much better?

    P.P.S. Superior morning, stunning close friend (you’re stunning within and out). It’s a fresh week and a refreshing get started. I hope you have received your to-do record completely ready and that you’re feeling ready and calm. You are skilled and will generally land on your ft. You can do it! 🤗


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