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Makeup Tips in This Monsoon

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Makeup tips in this monsoon


Makeup tips in this monsoon

It’s the monsoon season and much makeup has been ruined due to a sudden downpour. You must have had your encounters with sudden rain, resulting in runny mascara-lined eyes and ruined makeup. Of course, there are waterproof variants that you can choose from, which is why you may want to review our tips and suggestions which should help you wear makeup perfectly,

02220702 1 MOISTURIZE 1
Moisturize in this monsoon
  • Moisturize: The first thing that you need to remember is to moisturize your skin, regularly as the weather would be humid most of the time. The humid weather can cause your skin to become dry, which is why you have to moisturize it at regular intervals. Make sure that you have a good moisturizer handy so that you can use the same before applying any makeup.
02220702 2 CLEANSE
Cleanse in this monsoon
  • Cleanse: You must have a good astringent handy to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Just soak some cotton in it and then swab it around your face; this should help cleanse your skin. You can also use a toner as well and then, use a primer before you use any makeup. You must remember that this is the rainy season and utilizing a primer should enable your makeup to stay on longer and not run off your face in splotches.
Powder-based makeup in this monsoon
  • Powder-based makeup: One of the best tips that you are bound to get is that you need to use more powders and a little cream-based lot. You also need to lighten up on moisturizer and concealers; just remember that you can get caught in the rain at any time. Given this, you can opt for powder-based makeup and go in for a matte effect, and what’s more, powder-based makeup would last longer in humid weather.
02220702 4 LIP TINTS
Lip tints in this monsoon
  • Lip tints: You need to go in for lip tints on account of the humid weather. You could go in for lip gloss or cream-based lipstick, but both would bleed out during this humid season. And that is why, you need to go in for lip tints and avoid bright reds and scarlet shades and instead opt for browns, or pink shades – aim for the matte finish and that should be just right, given the rain.
02220702 5 MASCARA
Mascara in this monsoon
  • Mascara: As hard as it may be to believe, people have been using mascara or rather, Khol for over 4000 years. Think ancient Egypt and you would get the picture; Ancient Egyptian workers, even sat on a strike, demanding more khol for their eyes. Anyway, you need to opt for waterproof mascara during this rainy season. You certainly do not want your mascara to run and ruin the whole makeup – for that is what can happen, when you opt for the ordinary sort. So make sure that you use waterproof mascara, during this time of the year.
Waterproof eyeliners in this monsoon
  • Waterproof eyeliners: You can brighten your eyes with eyeliner and no makeup would be perfect without it. But you need to go in for waterproof eyeliners during the monsoon season. And do remember that, it is not all that safe to use your eyeliner on your lower eyelids so just use them on the topmost lids.
  • Powder-based blush: You can apply blush to highlight those cheekbones and to add colour to your face. Given that this is the rainy season and it’s going to be the humid weather for most of the time, you may want to opt for powder-based blush rather than any cream-based ones – this should help your makeup last longer.
02220702 8 EYE SHADOW
Eyeshadow in this monsoon
  • Eyeshadow: The same holds for any eye shadow that you may use. Just remember to use pastels, creamy pink, beige and other similar shades during the monsoon season. These shades should help complement the rest of your make-up and make sure that you use the powder form rather than any other variant.
02220702 9 LIGHT MAKEUP
Light makeup in this monsoon
  • Light makeup: Remember that this is the monsoon season so less is always better. Go in for a light makeup base, one that can help your skin breathe better. Remember, the weather will be humid and you would probably sweat more as well. So you need to put on light makeup, one that you can retouch with ease when required. It would be a good idea to go in for powder-based makeup rather than any other variant so that your makeup lasts for quite a while. And remember that as you sweat, your makeup may be bound to get patchy which is why wearing a light base for your makeup makes perfect sense.
02220702 10 EYEBROWS
Eyebrows in this monsoon
  • Eyebrows: It would be a good idea to get your brows trimmed and reshaped, especially if you had planned an important night out. You can go to any beautician’s shop and get your eyebrows reshaped and refilled in with the help of eyebrow pencils. This should certainly help you look your best.

These are some of the essential makeup tips and suggestions that you would need for this monsoon season. And remember that it is also equally essential that you eat healthily and maintain a strict diet regimen at all times. This should enable you to maintain good glowing skin and a nice complexion to go with it, at all times. Just make sure that your body gets the required daily minerals, vitamins and nutrients and you should look a lot better for it. Just remember that if a particular makeup causes you to develop a rash, then you need to discontinue using that particular brand. It could be that you may have developed an allergy to a compound contained in that makeup. But the good news is that there are so many makeup products out there so you should be able to opt for one that does not cause any adverse reactions to your skin. And with these suggestions, you should be able to choose right when it comes to makeup and look great as a result.


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