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Meet a Fierce Advocate for Women’s Health: Jen Gunter, MD

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Meet a Fierce Advocate for Women’s Health: Jen Gunter, MD


March 25, 2022 — Jen Gunter, MD, refuses to stay silent when she sees deceptive promises about women’s health and fitness products and solutions.

In simple fact, the world’s most well known — and outspoken — OB/GYN (as explained by The Guardian), is on a social media mission to talk up any time she sees firms or governments “prey on women’s wellness and vaginal disgrace.”

With practically 400,000 followers, Gunter under no circumstances shies away from a controversy.

Just this 7 days, she railed towards vitamin and dietary supplement maker Olly’s vaginal probiotic, getting the firm to undertaking for its product or service premise and objectionable ad copy.

WebMD caught up with the San Francisco-centered doctor and writer of two publications, The Vagina Bible and The Menopause Manifesto. The next interview has been evenly edited for duration and clarity.

WebMD: So these Olly capsules purport to be “Probiotics for Your Panty Hamster.” What was your response to this?

Gunter: Looking at the term “panty hamsters” is so egregious. I’m so made use of to baseline vaginal opportunism, but this was just completely egregious and I had to get in touch with it out.

WebMD: What are vaginal probiotics anyway?

Gunter: These are a person of these huge wellness scams exactly where firms consider to offer you on by some means hacking your microbiome by using them. They are not affordable, either, and can selection in selling price from $30 to $150 per thirty day period, based on how bespoke they are. And still the info isn’t great. There is small to no proof of the value of these probiotics except to shareholders.

WebMD: What is 1 assert created in the Olly probiotic packaging that bothers you the most?

Gunter: The product or service claims to stability the vaginal pH. To say that is a gross misunderstanding of the vaginal ecosystem. If that tagline is what you are foremost with, what else really don’t you know?

Also, if these items worked, we’d propose them. Vaginitis is intricate and frequently misdiagnosed, and it is straightforward for a firm to be predatory and swoop in and say they have a merchandise for you.

If I believe your solution for the vagina is terrible and you have not researched it in at the very least just one quality clinical demo (hardly ever brain firm-funded or not), and your advertising displays a stunning ignorance about vaginal health and fitness, really don’t method me about your product. Genuinely.

WebMD: When there is a pop society reference to, say, menstruation, you are swift to weigh in.

Gunter: I observed these viral messages from a boy mom (which is what she identified as herself) exactly where she wrote about currently being disgusted that there were being mentions of periods in Turning Red, the animated film.

Everything is below since of menstruation. If you did not menstruate, you would not have a kid, we would not have the individual who had the intelligence to establish the pc you are spreading this message on. Menstruation is a important section of human replica, and it’s significantly more intricate than people today imagine. For that explanation on your own, folks ought to know about it

WebMD: Do you at any time get concerned about getting so “out there” on social media?

Gunter: I have my stalkers I suppose, but the trolls really don’t hassle me. I do not treatment if some whichever artwork supplier in New York thinks I have mental ailment for promoting masks. That’s the very best you have received? Truthfully, this doesn’t even sign-up with me. It is like throwing a grain of sand at a auto.

WebMD: You also acquired into an trade with Dr. Leana Wen, CNN’s clinical analyst, about mask wearing.

Gunter: She clearly has a distinctive view than I do. I consider one of the major problems in the pandemic is the adjust in messaging and this strategy that by some means individuals aren’t dwelling their standard lives suitable now. I was unhappy to see her endorse that principle.

This weekend I went out for lunch, I went furniture procuring, I went to the flicks, I took a hike. My relatives and I don masks all over the place. I fail to have an understanding of how wearing a mask signifies you’re not residing a standard everyday living when it’s clearly linked with the lowered spread of the virus.

Almost everything in medication is about possibility reduction. You can do matters to reduced your hazard of heart disease. It is not 100% certain, but would not we want a decreased chance of undesirable points? I’m heading to hold putting on a mask forever!

WebMD: Do you desire extra physicians have been extra vocal like you?

Gunter: I want more medical doctors would have discussions about health outdoors of the business in techniques they are at ease with. Like, you’re at the hairdresser and you share info, or you share info with 15 of your Facebook pals. If you are a health practitioner and publish an report about COVID-19 and how it impacts the coronary heart, your 15 good friends are far more very likely to examine that short article than if your buddy who’s a lawyer places that up.

As physicians, I believe we can normally impact individuals in big and tiny means.


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