May 26, 2024


Passion For Fashion

Meet Aurora James, The Designer Behind Brother Vellies

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“With each and every new season, we ask ourselves how we can reduce the influence our procedures have on the wider environment,” says James.  It is this frequent commitment to result in that indicates James has not only attained her purpose, but has surpassed it. The creation of Brother Vellies styles is sustaining artisan employment globally, with vegetable leather tanned luggage and recycled boots hailing from destinations like Italy, Mexico, and even from the designer’s dwelling town of New York Metropolis. 

Even so, when the expression sustainability conjures up photos of homegrown residing or Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump’s Twitter spats, James does not make the matter come to feel stifled or stagnant. Instead, the artistic pressure redefines the word in a way that feels appropriate, enjoyment, and anything we need to include into our everyday lives—much like her vibrant mules. 

“Sustainability can suggest so many issues,” says James. “In just one perception it consists of analyzing a brand’s offer chain and manufacturing method, in one more, it means analyzing how we’re managing people.” In shorter, we cannot have substance sustainability without the need of moral sustainability. Because whilst ethically-sourced sneakers will continue to keep the earth turning, it’s our compassion that will make it a earth really worth living in. And though this appears like a grand notion, James thinks the critical to our survival lies simply just in imagery.

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