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New in #121 – Mateja’s Beauty Blog

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New in #121 – Mateja’s Beauty Blog


*MILANI Gilded Floral Eyeshadow Palette

My second Milani palette, but the other older one was already discontinued a while ago and there are new versions available – this one is permanent. There are 15 shades, 9 matte and the rest are shimmers. When I was swatching them, pretty much all shades performed well in terms of pigmentation, except In Full Bloom (deep rosy shimmery brown) didn’t feel like the rest, though I was still able to build it up. Mattes are smooth and pigmented, including pastel Lavender Fields and What’s up Buttercup (Lavender ended up looking better on the eyes than on my swatches). Shimmers are creamier than mattes and brush picks most of them ok (meaning with a flat brush, specifically MAC 239), but for a better intensity, some are best applied with fingers instead. They blend ok, but mattes aren’t as great as Colourpop’s or ArtDeco’s. Staying power is good on my non-oily eyelids. There is some fading by the end of the day, but eyeshadows still look intense enough and I get no creasing. There’s a lot of kickback when using a brush, but luckily not that much fall down on the cheeks.

DM, 25,99 €

*MILANI Make It Last Floral Scented Setting Spray

A limited edition version of the popular Make it Last Spray Setting Spray with added floral fragrance (reminds me of the old The Body Shop LE scent Honeymania, as it’s a similar type of a sweet floral scent). Spray mist is fine enough and it dries sufficiently fast. I tested it with Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation, which doesn’t have the best staying power (looks so good on my skin, though) and by the end of the day, it was worn off from where I needed it most (red spots from old blemishes), but otherwise it was ok on other parts. Eyeshadow looked good, as did the lipstick, but blush was worn off. From the three new sprays I got recently, I like this one in terms of ingredients, since it’s has niacinamide (though after alcohol), but Revlon’s Lock spray makes the makeup look nicer (it is more drying and matte). 

DM, 12,99 €

*MILANI Flora Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted liquid lip balm with a glossy shine and a comfortable, nourishing formula. It’s got a sheer warm pink tint and a sweet lemon flower scent. It reminds me of L’Occitane lip balms/glosses I used to buy, though it’s been a while since I got any of them. For dry lips it’s a nice formula and it clings on well for a gloss, however, don’t expect amazing staying power from it. 

DM, 12,49 €

*MILANI Color Fetish Matte Lip Makeup – The Flora Collection

320 Petal

Great quality matte lipstick with a smooth formula that glides easily on the lips and is fully opaque in first swipe. It’s definitely an upgrade compared to their Color Statement Moisture Matte formula. I don’t find it drying, but it’s not particularly hydrating, which is something that goes for all matte lipsticks I’ve tried. This lasts really well on the lips. It kind of reminds me of liquid matte lipsticks in that respect, though this tends to fade more and is more flexible on the lips, but it can get through more than 8h and eating or drinking doesn’t wipe it off a lot. Packaging is unique, but I’m not sure I like it. I prefer the more classy looking gold tubes of Color Statement formulas. 

DM, 12,99 €

*MILANI Highly Rated Anti Gravity Mascara

I got one of these a couple of months ago and talked about it in a New in (review is still in drafts). On Milani’s website it’s a best seller. It’s a top performer in terms of volume and length right out of the box, meaning it creates big lashes, but I don’t reach for it often, not just because it’s a regular formula that doesn’t hold a curl well, but also because it makes the lashes stiff, so when they hit my glasses, it’s not comfortable (this is mostly a “me” problem and I’m aware it won’t bother most of you). It’s also a mascara that is difficult to remove, so I’ve used it in cleanser’s tests. If you’re not as fussy about holding a curl as me, this is a great volumising & lengthening mascara, but I prefer their softer and more defining (however, less volumising) Most Wanted Lashes formula. 

DM, 14,49 €

*MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2in-1n Foundation + Concealer

I have a full review of this – two in fact – one of the original lightest shade 01 and second of 00A. I got samples of 02 and 03, which I swatched comparing with Revlon Full Cover foundation, since I have 12 shades of those and Revlon Skin Awaken concealer. I hope some find it helpful. 02 and 03 are about the same in depth, the difference being that 02 is more yellow and 03 more neutral. Both are comparable with Revlon “3xx shades” in terms of depth. 

DM, 16,99 €

*REVLON ColorStay Blot Setting Powder

This is the latest line of products by Revlon, designed mostly for oily skin, which is definitely not for me, still I gave it a go and hoped for the best.  This powder promises to mattify for 16h and also reduce the size of pores. It’s supposed to have no photo flashback (haven’t tested that) and is infused with a superfood detox blend (citrus, aloe & broccoli – all three products have it) that protects the skin. This year I’ve only been loving Physicians formula Rose All Day powder, which suits my dry skin and also often use Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless, which for a powder with such a name isn’t drying or overly matte. I recently dug out Maybelline Fit Me Loose version from my drawer and I didn’t not like the results (I loved it in the past), so I was almost sure I won’t like this much, but it’s actually quite lovely. It’s very finely milled, smooth and not very obvious. I actually ended up using this daily for mattifying my glowy skin care+ SPF + moisturising foundation/BB/CC combination and it just pulls everything together without looking too flat, fake or heavy. From the powders in my collection, it’s closest to Hourglass, in a sense that it’s a loose powder for those that hate the look of powder, but it’s more mattifying. There’s just one universal shade of this. I’m very pale, so I don’t know if it’s translucent enough to not look ashy on darker skin tones, but I don’t see any coverage or tint from this on my skin. 
Click2Chic, Tuš Drogerija in Drogerija Ilirija, 12,29 €

*REVLON ColorStay Grip Matte Primer

Revlon says Grip Matte primer creates a bare canvas for makeup, it mattifies and improves staying power for up to 16h. I expected a silicone-y instantly dry-to-the-touch primer, but this feels more hydrating and it’s not instantly matte. It’s a gel type of formula and a very silky one. It makes my skin feel so smooth to the touch, it’s nothing I’ve felt before, as it doesn’t have that classic silicone feel to it. Foundation applies nicely over it, smoother than without a primer. It says it blurs pores, which is partly true, by that I mean since it’s clear, you need to apply a foundation over it to see the full effect. When I wore all three products at once, I couldn’t wear my makeup for the full 16h because my skin felt so dry, however, my makeup was pretty perfect when I took it off. Skin looked smooth and matte, foundation didn’t slip into lines, my eye makeup looked like freshly applied, only the blush was gone, but I was rubbing my cheeks at one point because I was removing dust (I was also rubbing my eyes because something fell into my eye and the makeup ended up looking surprisingly good). When I wear this on its own, it’s a smoothing primer that keeps my makeup looking matte all day and it doesn’t feel drying, but if I use all three products, it’s just too much for my skin. So I’m guessing this trio might just work for oily skin, keeping oils at bay, but I can’t claim that 100%.

Click2Chic, Tuš Drogerija in Drogerija Ilirija, 12,99 €

*REVLON ColorStay Lock Setting Mist

A lightweight setting mist that promises to help the makeup stay for up to 24h and shield the skin from daily pollutants. It’s light spray that could have a little bit better spray pump, though it’s actually pretty average and I am a bit spoiled from L’Oreal and ArtDeco ones (though I mostly use hydrating Pixi that has the same pump as Revlon). This does what it says – locks the makeup in place. It’s one of the best sprays for prolonging the staying power of makeup I’ve tried, but it is not hydrating. Somehow this makes the makeup look a bit better, just smoother and nicer, though I notice that more at the end of the day rather than right after application. I like it a lot and I wish a hydrating version existed, one with no alcohol, though three of out of four sprays that are brilliant at prolonging makeup have alcohol 1st on the list (the three being Urban Decay, Milani and this one, the fourth exception is Catrice Prime & Fine).
Click2Chic, Tuš Drogerija in Drogerija Ilirija, 16,49 €

REVLON SkinLights Prismatic Bronzer

110 Sunlit Glow  & 115 Sunkissed Beam

We’re finally getting these interesting looking bronzers here, but I don’t know when. Revlon says they contain crystal-like pigments that create a glow without looking shimmery and I have to say, they’ve done it well. These are lovely – so smooth-looking on the skin, they blend seamlessly and neither of the shades is orange, but look like I’ve used a bit of self-tanner and warm up the skin in a natural way. My skin is pale and neutral – both shades are quite light and I don’t know how well they show up on darker skin tones, but if you’re pale and find most bronzers look orange, these are a nice find. Sunlit Glow is the best match for me, but Sunkissed Beam is not much darker, though it can be built up more. The difference is more in tone, as Sunlit Glow is more peachy bronzer and 115 a classic, slightly reddish bronze. There’s one more shade in this selection, but I don’t know what it’s like. Formula reminds me of Rimmel’s one, since they both look so gorgeously smooth on the skin – I think Rimmel discontinued their bronzers. Revlon has prismatic highlighters too and I’d love to get my hands on once, since hopefully they have this same smooth formula. 

DELINÉ Hidratanten Tekoči Puder

Moisturising Fluid Makeup

A affordable foundation that’s quite nice for dry skin. It has light-medium amount of coverage, it looks smooth and it’s hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy. Shade range is not the best, though. There’s only four shades are three out of those are about the same depth, so not the best variation and none are light enough for me. It may look bland in the packaging and most of you probably never heard of it (or the brand. There’s only this foundation and a nail polish remover), but for the price, this is surprisingly nice – it certainly looks better than Colourpop Tinted Moisturiser ( I was doing a before/after pictures at the same time as this one).

Click2Chic, Tuš Drogerija in Drogerija Ilirija, 3,53 €

TREND IT UP Face Contouring Palette

I don’t really use contouring products, so I got this cheap one, as a just-in-case option. It’s got good reviews on DM’s website and it’s not like there are a ton of other similar products in the drugstores here. I’m very pale and all three powders don’t have the best pigmentation and need layering to show up well – it could be just the top layer for now. They’re not the smoothest or at least they are not very creamy/buttery powders, but can be applied without looking patchy. Contour is a decent shade for pale skin, though I wish it were a tiny bit ashier. Bronze is too warm for my taste, though it’s not (very) orange or at least it’s not if I keep it subtle. Revlon’s SkinLight 110 & Rimmel’s 022 Sun Bronze bronzers, which both have some the best powder textures I’ve ever tried, are much better shades for my skin tone. Highlighter is a pointless shade in this palette, since it’s matte and matches my skin tone, so it does nothing for me in terms of brightening/highlighting (considering it looks like contour fits mostly fair skins, the choice of a highlighter is odd). The palette will do in a pinch, but I wish I got something better instead. 

DM, 4,99 €

CATRICE Liquid Shadow Waterproof

050 Free Spirit

There really aren’t that many creamy eyeshadows left in the drugstores, are there? At least in my local Müller and DM. I grabbed this because after I swatched it and it set, it didn’t move. However, I can’t get to work this on the eyes. It doesn’t look even, as if I want it build it up, it ends up patchy, shifting the product during application and then it doesn’t set on my eyelids like it did on the back of the hand, instead it creases. I should have bought the Naj Oleari one, which looked much better (but also a lot more expensive). From these types of liquid eyeshadows, I find Bourjois’ are better.  

Müller, 4,19 €

ESSENCE Inner Eye Brightening Pen

I actually still have enough of the discontinued Bright Eyes version (I stocked up), which I realised at home is a better shade for me because it’s pinky nude, while this is a peachy, warm nude. I wanted to see what the current version is like and it’s similar, but not as pigmented. Formula is creamy and payoff in the waterline good, though it needs some building up because the pigment shifts (I only need one swipe with the old formula). It creates a more “wide eyes”, awake look. 

Müller, 1,19 €

ESSENCE Longlasting Eye Pencil

35 Sparkling Brown

I’m looking for replacements for my ancient makeup and this was meant to be my new Urban Decay eyeliner in Bourbon, which is a brown with gold shimmer. New one costs over 20 € and I’d have to order online, so I decided to check the local drugstores instead. This one isn’t as vibrant as I’m looking for, as it’s a deep brown on the eyes (still distinctive from black). Formula is creamy, colour payoff good on the skin, while in the waterline most of the pigment ends up between the lashes. It lasts well on the skin, but not superbly in the waterline. It’s good formula for the price and I suspect the black one might be really good. 

Müller, 1,59 € 

DEBORAH MILANO 24 Ore Waterproof Eye Pencil

5 Golden Green

I got this as a replacement for Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner Stash, which I used to use every day, but it has become dryer and haven’t used it in a while. This is lighter and more green than Stash. Formula is better than Essence’s, even smoother, though both are good. It’s has a good colour pay-off on the skin, though not the best on the waterline. It lasts well on me. It has an added sharpener and a smudger. 


DM, 7,99 €

KISS Strip Lash Adhesive

I needed a better glue than what’s included in the boxes with Essences fake lashes (to be fair, the bar is low) and I picked this because it’s sold in DM & Müller and has good reviews. I’m glad I picked it up. It holds all day, keeps the corners from popping up (Essence and Catrice are terrible at that) and the applicator is a brush, so you’re not wasting any product like you might at tubes such as Duo. I used to have a Catrice and/or an Essence one, which I have no idea if they are still sold, but this is so much better. 

DM, 5,39 €

EBELIN Puder und Makeup Blender

A repurchase. I love this sponge – it’s so soft and bouncy even when dry. I actually prefer to use it dry and it blends foundations so beautifully, better than wet, but that’s just my preference. You’re supposed to use them wet because everyone will tell you they soak up too much of foundation otherwise, but I don’t find that’s the case, at least with this one. I really appreciate that the bottom part is flat and I use that side for general blending all over the face, while I use the rounded tip for concealer in the inner corners of the eyes. It’s also got a velvet flat top part, which can be used for powder, though I don’t use that so often, but it does get more powder on the skin at once than a brush.  

DM, 2,69 €

ESSENCE Repair Nail Oil

I don’t in general take much care for my nails, but I figured I should do some nourishing, though I know I’ll forget on most days. I used to have Essie’s Apricot oil, which I guess I lost somewhere and this feels about the same. It’s a combination of almond oil + some other oils (like argan as it says on the cap, but that’s not in the largest amount). It’s fairly thin and the nails + cuticles don’t stay greasy very long. It doesn’t work amazing with one use, but I haven’t been used to using it every day, so I can’t say if it works better long term. I guess it does considering it has got good reviews. It smells of nothing definitive, maybe a bit like lemons, but mixed with a typical nail polish scent. 

DM, 2,19 €

FOREO Luna Play Smart 2

I have a Luna mini 2, which I enjoy using and now I got the Play Smart 2 version to try. Luna Mini 2 is larger, has bristles on both sides (for dry-sensitive on the front and with larger bristles for oily skin on the back), intensity setting buttons and is rechargeable. I’ve only charged it once when I got it months ago and it’s still going strong. Play Smart 2 is smaller, has bristles just on the front, the power button is on the back with no intensity setting, but it has double 24K gold-plated sensors that analyse the skin’s age, type and moisture levels. It’s sadly not rechargeable, which is a very odd choice by Foreo and I think a lot of people many pick another model because of that. They say the battery should last about a 1000 uses, which is 2 years and 9 months if you use it every day once, but I don’t think you should clean the skin so thoroughly that often. Still it’s not that much, is it? Both use smart T-Sonic pulsations to massage the skin and remove up to 99.5% of makeup residue, dirt, oil and sweat. Luna mini 2 doesn’t use the app and it’s very straight forward – you turn it on, it vibrates/pulses when you should move to the next part of the face (both devices divide the face into 4 zones) and pulses 3 times when it’s over, but it doesn’t turn off. You can set the intensity on the device, though I never do, since the default setting feels ok to me. Play Smart 2 can be used without the app, as when you turn it on it will use its default programme, but for a personalised treatment you need the app and register the device. The latter has two options when measuring the skin, a quick one that just uses one measurement and the advanced one, which uses measurements from all four zones of the face and then you can use those to personalise the routine. I find that if my skin has freshly applied layers of skin care or even just slightly tacky foundation, it sometimes measures my skin as being dry or even very dry, also you need to press the sensors firmly on the skin. It’s really handy to have such a device with a sensor, since it helps me monitor how dry is my skin and adapt my routine if needed. I’d say that’s the main selling point for me at this device, though in general I like Luna mini 2 more and if both broke, I’d repurchase the latter. On my settings that are based on measurement of my skin the pulsations are gentler than at Mini 2, timing it set to 30 seconds on my “normal” forehead and 15 seconds for my other dry zones. You can also set the Glow mode to low, medium or high. Mine was set to high, but all the settings I can be adjusted the app. It feels less secure in my hands, since it’s smaller than Mini 2 and it also turns off when it’s done, but overall does the same good job of cleansing the skin, a lot more thoroughly than just using hands. 

The battery bit is not ideal, but sensors sure are super handy and is the fact it personalises the routine for you. 

DM, 98,99 €

FOREO Micro Foam Cleanser

I got another one of these, though I still have mine. It’s the best cleanser I’ve tried so far. I only need a tiny bit and it emulsifies between the palms of my hands into this rich, dense foam. So one tube lasts you very long. It’s gentle, but effective, it doesn’t irritate the eyes and isn’t drying. Only bad thing about it is the price, but minis exist and like I said you only need little for one use. 

Foreo, 44,90 €, mini 20 ml is 9,90 €

FOREO Call it A Night and Make my Day masks

These are mini sheet masks that are used with Foreo’s UFO, a light-emitting, sonic-vibrating, heating device. There’s plenty of essence in these, more than an average sheet mask, so after one treatment with UFO, I squeeze the rest of the essence from the packaging on the sheet that’s on UFO and do an extra treatment or even two. My skin is always much softer after these and nicely hydrated. UFO helps that massive amount of essence absorb so much quicker. I don’t see a difference in effect between these two versions and but both are some of the best products (together with UFO) for properly hydrating my skin

DM, 10,99 €

*SVR Sensifine Double Cleansing Balm

A creamy balm cleanser that turns to oil and then a milky emulsion when you add water. It’s a minimalist formula with only 9 ingredients. I tested it with my most long-lasting makeup, including a waterproof mascara on one eye and a resilient regular mascara on the other (Milani Anti Gravity). It removed everything, only a small trace of waterproof mascara remained when I went over with a cotton pad and a separate cleanser. It feels pleasantly balmy during massaging it in, it does leave the eyesight a little misty for a short time and it washes off completely, though I follow with a mousse cleanser. It has no scent. Overall this is really good. It’s designed for sensitive skin.

*FILORGA Neocica Moisturising Repairing Care

This is described as a repairing cream, but it has so many nice ingredients, it’s like also an anti-ageing product in my eyes. Filorga says it’s suitable for use after treatments (laser, peels, injections), on burns and irritated skin (like after shaving). It’s not very balmy or thick like I imagined it might be, so don’t expect something like Bepathen or SVR Cicavit, instead it’s a lighter creamy formula that I can use all over the face as the last step of my routine. 

Beauty Pharmacy, trenutna cena 34,94 €, redna cena 49,91 € (ali 19 €, če vzameš zalogo pred iztekom roka uporabe)

*SEBAMED PRO! Hydro Serum

A serum with active ingredient Meiritage ™ that was inspired by the medicinal herbal effects of traditional Chinese medicine, but it also has niacinamide high on the list. It’s a simple, light hydrating serum, one that is easy to layer. My skin is already nice, since I found skin care that suits me and I don’t really see a difference when I use this, but ingredients-wise, this is really nice for all skin types. It is fragranced, though. 

*SHISEIDO Urban Environment Age Defense SPF 30

I liked this immediately when I tried it. It’s light and watery, very similar to Garnier Ambre Solaire Fluid, but somehow feels silkier on the skin, so it’s even nicer. It has a slight tint to it, but in pale shade and it doesn’t have coverage. It looks and feels great on the skin, with a skin-like finish and just a touch of glow (not that typical sunscreen glow). Skin looks smoother with this and pores look somewhat diminished too. It’s dry to the touch quickly and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Great stuff.  

*SHISEIDO After Sun Intensive Damage SOS Emulsion

A light gel that turns into a watery, cooling texture. As the name says it’s meant to be used after sunbathing and it provides “instant recovery”. It’s got squalane and aloe vera, but also peppermint, which I expected to be cooling, but I don’t notice it being tingly on my skin. I didn’t have an SOS emergency, but I gave it to two people who still don’t understand you should probably wear SPF if you plan to work at midday in the sun and neither commented on it being amazing, though I think their redness calmed a bit faster.   

*SHISEIDO Waso Yuzu-C Beauty Sleeping Mask 

A clear gel hydrating overnight mask with yellow beads. The latter are filled with vitamin C (ascorbly tetraisopalmitate) and burst when you apply them on the face. It’s a refreshing and slightly cooling type of formula from the start, and it feels very lightweight on the skin, so this is especially nice in the summer. I haven’t noticed any quick brightening effect, just a hydrating one. The packaging is refillable. 

*SHISEIDO Waso Koshirice Tinted Spot Treatment Spot Clear

Natural Honey 

I’d love this if I had it in a shade that fits me. The packaging sort of fools you into thinking it’s a lightly tinted product for spots, but this is a full on concealer and a good one at that. Texture is very light, but packs a lot of pigment. I’ve tried it on an inflamed blemished and it covered well without making the skin look more textured. I had self tanner on that time, but it was still too dark for me, so I can’t claim coverage is full, but it’s the texture of it that convinced me that it’s a good formula for blemishes. It blends into the skin nicely and it’s not that super matte texture that would make the spots look cakey. This is the middle shade of the three and though I haven’t seen the lightest one, I’m assuming it’s also too dark for my pale skin. This contains salicylic acid.  

I have a ton of samples for each of these (except the SVR B3 and C ampoules, which are deluxe samples anway).

*URIAGE Bariéderm-Cica Daily Serum

A serum for damaged and sensitive skin, which contains a thermal-biotic complex (10,5 %. It’s a combination of Uriage Thermal water + prebiotics, specifically inulin), centella asiatica, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and a dipeptide (Glutamylamidoethyl indole). It’s otherwise a short list of ingredients, but it’s a good one, concentrated on repairing ingredients. I loved this straight away. It’s a light serum that instantly feels so soothing. The first time I tried it didn’t even know my skin was tight until I applied this and felt instant relief. It’s light, so easy to layer, hydrating and does the job of soothing and calming the skin. It has no fragrance.  

*SVR [C20] Biotic Regenerating Radiance Cream

A rich moisturiser that takes time to absorb (I can still feel it an hour after application). It’s not that thick in terms of texture, but it feels almost balmy on the face. It’s designed for lifeless, dull and uneven skin with wrinkles. It contains 2 kinds of vitamin C, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, together in a 20% concentration. It contains orange beads with vitamin E and there’s also a probiotic, shea butter and hyaluronic acid. This has a gentle creamy scent. I’ve been using this in my night routine, but so far I don’t see a brightening/evening effect.

*SVR [Pepti] Biotic Regenerating Smoothing Matt Gel

A moisturiser with squlane, vitamin C in Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate form, amino acid Lauroyl Lysine, almond oil, a probiotic, a peptide and hyaluronic acid. I love this. It reminds me of L’Occitane’s matte lotions, but here it’s a less dry formula. It almost feels like a primer because it’s thick and feel silky on the skin, proving a good base. I’d pick this from SVR moisturisers a for use under makeup.

*SVR [Cera] Biotic Regenerating Filling Cream

A rich moisturiser that takes quite some time to absorb. It’s meant for dry skin that’s experiencing appearance of lines and loss of firmness. It contains babassu oil, vitamin C in my preferred Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate form, ceramides, a pasteurised probiotic and hyaluronic acid. To me this is very close to a perfect combination of ingredients, so it’s just my luck that I think this breaks me out. I started trying it twice and both time got a slow healing spot on my chin. But what breaks you out is an individual thing and if it weren’t for that, this would be my first pick from SVR moisturisers.  

*SVR [Hyalu] Biotic Regenerating Plumping Gel

A light-ish gel cream for dehydrated, tight skin with wrinkles. It contains vitamin C in Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate form, hyaluronic acid and a probiotic. It absorbs quickly enough and it’s by far the lightest of the SVR moisturisers I’ve tried, but it’s intensely hydrating. I measured my skin with Foreo’s Play Smart, which showed my skin as dry, so I started using one of the testers of this and my skin moisture levels improved quickly. It has a lovely fresh floral scent.  

*SVR [A] Ampoule Lift

A kind of all-in-one anti-ageing product. It contains 0,3% retinol (0,1 pure retinol and 0,2% encapsulated), squalane, vitamin C (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), a few peptides, vitamin E, grape seed oil, shea butter and soybean oil. Based on first couple of uses, I thought this is very gentle on my skin, though I felt it for a few minutes. But when I started using daily, my skin got sensitive like it happens with pure retinol products. So this packs a punch, despite the low concentration. I decided to stop using for now and I’ll try it in colder, less sunny months. Formula is a light lotion-serum that’s easy to layer.  

*SVR [C] Ampoule Anti-Ox

A product with 20% stabilised vitamin C (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), Evodia fruit extract, aminoacid serine, hyaluronic acid and urea, but it also has alcohol high on the list, which I can’t smell. It’s light, but slightly oily on the skin and easy to layer. I switched to this from Afrodita’s one, as least for now that I wear thicker coats of SPF, as Afrodita’s version is shiny and this is much lighter and fast absorbing. My skin looks nice, so it’s working well for me, but I don’t know if I noticed any brightening.  

*SVR [B3] Ampoule Hydra

A product with 5% of niacinamide and 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid for sensitive, dehydrated skin. It’s a light serum that absorbs quickly and is nice for layering. It doesn’t really stand out that much among myriad of niacinamide serums, but it’s nice. The ingredients list contains only 12 ingredients, it’s without fragrance and is designed for sensitive skin. 

*SVR Cicavit+ Crème

A repairing cream with Erasyal and antibacterial Teflose. It promises to help the skin heal 7-times faster (compared to not using anything). It’s a similar consistency to Bepanthen, so thick, yet kind of refreshing. An SPF50+ version exists too. 

*SVR Blur Sun Secure Mousse Cream SPF 50

Primer meets sunscreen. This is like Benefit Porefessional with SPF. Texture is like a silicone primer, so quite thick and balmy, but it smooths the skin and fills in the pores. I was quite amazed how well it works and even without foundation the skin looks just better. It’s brilliant under makeup, it creates smooth base and foundation looks much nicer with this on. But due to texture you can’t apply a lot of this. Applying the recommended amount makes it peel and make the foundation on top look not so nice, so some may want to apply another SPF under it and use this in the amount you’d use a pore minimizing primer if you plan to wear a foundation over it, but if it’s worn on its own, then you don’t have to be careful about the amount. Finish is more on the matte side, but it still has some glow. 

*URIAGE DS Hair Soft Balancing Shampoo

A soothing shampoo that calms and protects the scalp. It’s neither SLS or fragrance free and it has Piroctone olamine, an anti-dandruff ingredient, so if I just saw the ingredients list, I’d say this is a typical anti-dandruff shampoo (it meant also as an addition to stronger anti-dandruff shampoo). I wasn’t too impressed by it because it’s not amazing for dry hair. It cleans well and does the job, but it was too stripping for my taste. It should suit any other hair type, since it’s light. 

Beauty Pharmacy, trenutna cena 8,44 €, redna cena 12,05 € (na voljo tudi v 500 ml s pumpico)

*URIAGE Bariésun Moisturizing Cream SPF 50+

I’m currently using up the Bariésun Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+, which is a fluid that’s similar in texture to Garnier Ambre Solaire fluid and La Roche Posay Anthelios UVMUNE 400, but it’s more greasy-feeling, moves around (goes in my eyes where it irritates them). You might expect this is a rich SPF made for dry skin, but I find this a more pleasant formula that Ultra Light. It sets nicer, it’s not as shiny on the face, it feels light, makeup goes over it nicely and so far hasn’t irritated my eyes. This has a tiny bit of vitamin C.

*EARTH LINE Vitamin E Sunless Tanner

A brand from Nederland’s, certified natural cosmetics. They don’t use parafin, microplastics and other strong chemicals and their products were registered by Vegan Society. This self tanner is meant for face and body, and contains a “unique vegetable D.H.A. complex”. I only used it on my face and it’s quite a bit weaker than Afrodita that I mention below, which for the face is a good thing as far as I’m considered. Tan ended up very natural and not streaky. Formula is nicely creamy, rich and I had no problems applying it evenly. I went from Revlon Colorstay 110 Ivory to matching It Cosmetics CC cream in Fair Ivory perfectly, which is about a half a shade or maybe a full shade darker. So it’s more like a gradual tanner and a nice one. Tan faded quite quickly, but luckily completely evenly, without steaks like it happened on my body with Afrodita Professional.  

17,99 €

Izdelki so na voljo v Tuš drogerijah, drogeriji in parfumeriji Beauty World, specializiranih trgovinah Tosama Bela štacuna, Merkator Hipermarketu Šiška in Kranj, v hipermarketih Spar Interspar ter spletnih trgovinah dm.si, tušdrogerija.si in beauty-world.si

*EARTH LINE Argan Sun Care Face Age Control SPF 15

This has only mineral filters (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) as well as organic argan, coconut and macadamia oil, shea butter, vitamin A (can’t find it on the list. They must mean it as a part of oil or extract), vitamin C (Ascorbyl palmitate), E and Q10. Formula is quite rich and has some white cast. It’s not that easy to apply it evenly and it doesn’t feel like a smooth formula at application, but those streaks can be blended away with some more effort. It’s not a light sunscreen even on my dry skin and there is a layer of product on the face that feels tacky, so I don’t think those with oily skin will love it. Makeup went over it ok and I got no pilling or irritating of eyes. I think the highest SPF version is only 20, but even 15 protected me well that day that I wore it (but it was cloudy. I didn’t dare go out without my SPF 50 in strong sun).

17,99 €

*EARTH LINE Long-Lasting Deodorant


A deodorant with a BDIH Cosmos Naturals certificate, it’s 100% certified vegan, has no micro plastic, baking soda, parabens and silicones. It’s said to be suitable for sensitive skin. It’s a cream deodorant, so you wind up the mechanism and a cream spurts out of the one hole it has at the top. I apply it with my hands, so it’s more evenly distributed. I don’t really sweat a lot, not even in summer (I’m one of those “always feels cold” people), so I can’t tell you how well it works, having said that, I always start my day with a dose of Dove anti-perspirant, so when I used this, at the end of the day I didn’t smell quite as fresh, though it wasn’t terrible. I got the version Lavender, which is one of my favourite scents and this is a nice version of it, but four more exist: Aqua, Cotton Flower and Lemon & Mint.   

13,99 €

Izdelki so na voljo v Tuš drogerijah, drogeriji in parfumeriji Beauty World, specializiranih trgovinah Tosama Bela štacuna, trgovini Avena ter spletnih trgovinah tušdrogerija.si in beauty-world.si

BALEA Beauty Expert Body Crème 5% Niacinamide

A gel-lotion type of product that to me doesn’t feel particularly nourishing, so I’m not 100% happy with it, though I should have expected that Balea won’t make something rich. It absorbs very fast and doesn’t really leave a lasting moisturised feeling, which I notice especially when I use it for my hands (I want the brightening effect of niacinamide for the back of my hands). On the body I apply a more generous coat, so it lasts a bit longer on the skin, but it’s not as nourishing as I expect from a body cream. I haven’t seen any particular results from this despite the niacinamide which should be brightening/ evening the skin, but I don’t use this that often, since Nivea Souffle is much better for dry skin. The light texture makes it suitable to use on the face for all skin types. It has no scent.

DM, 3,99 €

LA CROA Argan Keratin Repair Conditioner

I have several products from this brand and in particular this line. I’ve been repurchasing the hair mask, which is only sold in satchel sizes in my local Müller, so I got the conditioner in the hope it has the same thick, balmy, rich texture that suits my very dry hair. I actually haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but it has argan & macadamia oil high on the list, plus hydrolysed keratin & collagen.  

Müller, 6,50 €

MIXA Baby & Adult Soothing Cleansing Oil for Body & Hair Atopiance

A repurchase. It’s a simple gel cleanser, so not an oil at all like the name says. I was disappointed when I discovered it’s just a foamy gel cleanser, but I  ended up liking so much that I bought another bottle. It’s gentle, has some nice ingredients, cleanses well and the pump packaging is a plus. 

DM, 3,69 €

AVEO MED Sensitiv Pflegeshampoo Totes Meer Salz

A repurchase. I don’t use this as often as I did in the past, as now my shampoo combination isn’t Aveo + L’Oreal Extraordinary oil, but Joico Defy Damage + Olaplex n.4 (or n.4P), but I do use it every time I bleach my hair because it has a low pH and it’s gentle. I’ve gone through many bottles of this and I like it because it suits my very dry hair, it works similarly to L’Oreal’s Extraordinary shampoo, so it’s like it has a bit of conditioner in it and it doesn’t leave my hair stripped nor tangled. It’s a good all-in-one product for minimalists because aside from being a shampoo and shower gel, it’s also gentle and not drying enough so it can also be used for the face.

Müller, 1,29 €

AFRODITA COSMETICS Lavender Relaxing Moments Oil Shower Gel

A repurchase. It’s nothing special in terms of texture, just gel, which is a bit thicker than average, but the reason I buy this is the lovely lavender scent, which is one of the best I’ve found so far. 

DM, 2,49 €

DOVE Care by Nature Uplifting Shower Gel

Dove again discontinued great scents and replaced them with new ones. I’m not a big fan of these, though both have that rich, creamy texture I love. This one smells like mangoes, but it’s not a particularly juicy, fresh scent. 

DOVE Anti-Stress Shower Gel 

This one smells calming of chamomile, but again it’s not the best for my nose. I miss the pink clay version and the long discontinued coconut & jasmine one. 

DM, 2,79 €

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Summer Affair Perfect Tan Prep Premium Body Scrub 5 in 1

A pink Scrub with glitter and 5 different kinds of abrasives and is meant to prepare the skin for self tanning. The whole Summer Affair line has the same scent, which is described as cherry blossom and coconut water. It smells so familiar to me, it’s a lovely fresh-sweet vanillary, almost kind of bubble-gum scent (I think like those pink one is tape form, but I was kid last time I bought those). I love this, it instantly became my favourite scrub, beating the long-time favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away (which I still love, am currently using, but it’s got less particles). I can’t feel the 5 different kinds of abrasives, mostly I think it’s just salt and some larger black ones, but the density of particles is perfect. It’s one of harsher scrubs, so the way I like it, but it doesn’t feel too abrasive, especially considering it’s a dense salt scrub. It also washes off completely, leaving no residue behind (unlike their old golden version from Afrodita did). It’s almost the perfect product, except for the price and the fact it’s not in drugstores, which I know will make me possibly not repurchase it because I’m just weird that way – but also why is the scrub more expensive than the self tanner? 


Afrodita Web Shop, 24,90 € – Summer Affair products are on offer to 31.7.2022 with a discount -20% 

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Summer Affair Extra Strong Self-Tanning Lotion 

This ended up very dark on me – well for my taste, though I was told both that I look too tan (from people who saw me in person) and that my tan didn’t up that strong compared to some other brands (by those online). The strongest tan I had before was Xen-Tan Dark Lotion and I think this is stronger. Afrodita Professional says is has 2x the amount of self-tanning complex compared to their previous version. Product is a white cream that is easy to spread and relatively easy to blend in, but that takes some more effort, since it’s more on the thick side. I’d prefer it had a guide colour, as my application was not the most even, but with such a strong tan I’d really recommend you get a self tan mitt. I wasn’t aware it’s been so long since I last tanned and to my shock my mitt disintegrated, so I had to use my hands to apply this, which I never did with any self tanner. It’s got a lovely sweet scent at application (cherry blossom & coconut water, a sweet summery scent), but after 10 minutes the D.H.A. smell started developing, which at me is always strong with any tan, but I hear that’s depends on body chemistry and some posted on IG that they didn’t get the tan scent when using this. Their fragrance disappeared quickly on me and I had trouble combating the scent, even with their perfume oil. I ended up using Moroccanoil body oil, since it has the strongest fragrance in my collection, but even that wasn’t completely enough and the whole bedroom smelled of self tanner too. Afrodita says the tan takes 6-24 h to develop. It started to develop fast and 6 hours in I was already super tan, but it kept developing the whole 24 h to a very deep version (compared to my natural milky skin. Based on foundation swatches I went from Revlon Colorstay 110 to about Colorstay Full Coverage 320). My skin was super soft after this, so their hydrating complex is really good. I scrubbed beforehand and applied a moisturiser on the hands, elbows, feet and knees, however, while it ended up nicely even on elbows and knees, my hands and feet are too dark, so I should have used more moisturiser or dilute it. I wasn’t too happy with how it faded (it was mostly gone after a week, but last remnant went away after two weeks), but I also wasn’t diligent with moisturising or making sure the tan lasts. They still have their weaker old version that I think is sold in DM, but their stuff is mostly sold online and in beauty salons.


*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Summer Affair Charming Perfume Shimmer Body Oil

This is a dry oil with gold shimmer and the same perfume as the scrub & self tanner, so cherry blossom and coconut water. It’s meant for enhancing tan. Scent is truly lovely, but it fades relatively quickly on me. Since it’s a dry oil, it absorbs fast and it’s not greasy. My dry skin absorbs it too quickly, so that oily glistening disappears on me, leaving just golden shimmer. 


*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Summer Affair Super-Active Dreamy Tanning Jam

A new version of the famous Afrodita tanning jam (marmelada) that has been popular in the last years. They joined of their two best-selling products, Art of Tanning Marmelade and Anticellulite Fat Burning Creamy gel, to make this product. I’m the type of person that would never get either of these, so sorry if you wanted to hear my review, but I don’t tan in the sun, nor does my body need anything fat burning (nor do I believe in the efficiency of the latter, but that’s up to you and your experiences what you think about such types of products). Formula is a creamy gel that’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Afrodita says that it increases natural tan by 44% (it containd Lipobronze™ Veg-Ab), it has an SPF 10 and a fat burning effect with an anti-cellulite action & “reduces circumference of critical body parts and limits build-up of new fat pads”. To me this is a light body moisturiser with that lovely cherry blossom and coconut scent.


*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Summer Affair After Sun Tan Extender Lotion

This is designed to prolong the tan, but it’s essentially a gradual fake tanner with a small amount of D.H.A. and Erythrulose. I haven’t had it long enough to see how much tan develops with frequent use, but so far I haven’t had any of that self-tan scent developing with this one (2 uses). Formula isn’t a lotion, but a thick cream that feels much lighter when you apply it on the skin, similar to the Tanning Jam. This has the weakest cherry blossom & coconut scent. Both the Tanning Jam and this, leave my skin soft like the Self Tanner.   

*URIAGE Eau Thermale Bariésun Thermal Mist Self-tanning

Uriage added self-tanning ingredients to their thermal water spray and that’s exactly how this feels – light as water (I also have their water with no additions and love it. . It contains both the DHA for developing the tan and Erythrulose for prolonging it. It’s in a spray form with a very fine mist and it’s so far the self tanner that was the easiest to apply both quickly and evenly. This is a tan at which I don’t miss having a self tanning mitt. It’s very light and not greasy, though not a dry mist and there is some tackiness left to the touch. It’s clear, so no guide colour, but even without I got an even application and no dark patches on my feet or knees. Tan was visible after an hour, but it fully developed in about 12h. It’s a natural, more subtle tan than Afrodita’s, but more intense than Earth Line’s. My skin is darker by a shade or two. The typical selftan scent developed soon after application, but I get that at every tan I’ve tried so far (it was less strong than at Afrodita, but still annoying).  

*LAZARTIGUE Nourish High Nutrition Conditioner Shea Butter

I absolutely adore the mask from this brand (and line Nourish) as well as the hair oil. I picked this conditioner so I can see if it’s as good as the mask, since it’s cheaper. It is. It’s another fantastic formula for very dry hair. It silicone free, yet makes the hair feel like I used Kerastase. Another winner by Lazartigue.

Pharmacies & some online shops, regular price 24,74 €. Na Beauty Pharmacy je še vedno znižan -70% in stane 7,42 €. 

SUBRINA Recept Probiotic Care Shampoo for Itchy Scalp

New shampoo in the scalp care line Recept by Subrina. I’m picky about shampoos and I actually quite like Recept ones, especially the Sensitive Action, which doesn’t fix my dandruff problem, but it’s gentle, not drying, foams well and is just in general a nice formula. My scalp is almost constantly itchy, so I gave this a go and it’s another nice one. It’s not as nice for my dry hair than Sensitive, as it’s little bit stripping, but still ok. My scalp did indeed not itch, though effect lasted only a couple of days. This has no SLES or SLS and it contains lactobacillus ferment and some extracts. Since Sensitive Action is an anti-dandruff shampoo that strips colour, I’m switching to this one as my occasional shampoo, though I still mostly use Joico & Olaplex duo. This has a lovely smell, Subrina tends to have quite nice smells in their products. 

SUBRINA Pure Herbal Shampoo

For normal to greasy hair

A new version of shampoo among Subrina’s selection. It contains sage, hamamelis extract, chamomile, green tea, rosemary and lemon balm. It’s designed for oily and normal hair, and promises to regulate sebum production and soothe the scalp. I haven’t tried it, since it’s not for my type of hair, but I wanted to share some experience from others with Subrina’s shampoos and conditioners, since I give the bottles with old labels to my friends and family. Not this version actually, but the Vitamin’s & Strength – for one Subrina gets lots of praise for how soft and nice it leaves the hair (thinner hair than mine and not as dry), but also that Vitamin’s version prevents the hair from getting greasy fast effectively.  

LUXURIOUS COCONUT All-Over Coconut 5 in 1 Moisture Cream 

Light Repair

A new addition to the Luxurious Coconut brand. So far there were only shampoos, conditioners, masks and a hair oil, now there’s also a leave-in conditioner in the Repair line, though this one is called “light”. It’s the type of creamy formula that can be used on both damp and dry hair, and I don’t find it’s that type that would leave the hair weighed down, so both the silicone oil and this cream from Repair line are suitable for thin hair. For me it’s on the light side and I need to reapply it at least once a day to hydrate my hair, but my hair is super dry since always and I prefer oils or even balms, but this does the classic job of taming the hair, smoothing flyaways and adding an extra boost of moisture to the hair. This has the same coconut scent as the other products from the brand – A little bit of oen fo the products spilled in a box where I kept it and now that whole area smells like tropical paradise (for some reason I don’t get that same scent on my hair, but a more sour coconut one). This is silicone free (suitable for curly hair) and vegan. 

BOROTALCO Deo Stick Original

My usual Dove deodorant sort of stopped working or at least it’s not as effective as it was (I repurchased the original version, not my usual coconut one and the former started failing. I still have one coconut one as a backup, but haven’t been able to find this version recently in DM). I’m was repelled by Borotalco because of annoying TV advertising, but there aren’t that many different brands of stick deodorants I haven’t tried yet (all eventually stop working on me after years of use), so this one got its shot. It’s really good. It works all day as it should, I think it’s stronger than Dove and keeps me fresh. I’m not sold on the scent though, even though it’s a basic clean powdery one, but it feels very dated, like some cosmetics I smelled at my grandma’s decades ago. I don’t notice it much anyway, so it doesn’t matter. If I can’t find Dove’s coconut version or maybe even if I do, I think I’ll continue repurchasing this. There are more versions of roll-on and spray deodorants, but I just find these stick ones are the best performing at any brand. They all leave white marks, though. 

Müller, about 4 €

EBELIN Pinsel Reiniger

Brush cleanser

I’ve been using this one not well known brand cleanser that’s really good, but it was discontinued, so I got this as a replacement, since many told me it’s good. It’s almost exactly the same as my old one, the difference being the fragrance. It has a very strong powdery floral, perfume-y fragrance that some may find too much, but the brushes don’t retain that scent for long. It cleans effectively considering there’s no rinsing involved, it just has to be sprayed on the brush and then you wipe it on a paper towel. This is an effective and cheap essential for makeup wearers by DM.

DM, 2,49 €

GARNIER Color Naturals Crème Nourishing Permanent Hair Color

9.1 Natural Extra Light Ash Blonde

A repurchase. My toning shade, an ashy light blonde that is slightly darker than the average blonde toner, so it can cover bleached golden blonde hair. I can’t bleach my hair to a pale yellow in one go, so I use this shade (or it the past L’Oreal’s 9.1 and Revlon’s Colorsilk 70) or the one shade darker 8.1 to tone after bleaching. I swap the developer for a weaker 3% one (10 vol). 

DM, 3,79 €


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