June 18, 2024


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The importance of incorporating sustainability into our daily lives is rightly expressed in Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “What we do to the forests of the world is an indication of how we treat ourselves and one another.”

 It is only when fashion and environment can coexist harmoniously that we will see true growth in both areas. In the industry, conversations about eco-friendly and sustainable clothing have become popular, with brands aiming to become more conscious. It’s time to reconnect with nature and go back to our roots for a better tomorrow.

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 Sustainable Fashion: What is it?

The concept of Sustainable Fashion refers to the process of creating fashion in a way that does not harm the environment. By taking into account the future of human beings and nature, as well as finding alternative fabrics, it can be achieved. The major criteria for arbitrating sustainable fashion include the following: cruelty-free, sustainable, and socially responsible.

The focus is not just on branding, but on how clothing is manufactured and how it can be improved through Ethical clothing for women methods.

Sustainable Clothing offers the following benefits:

 Safeguarding and preserving animals

One of the biggest consumers of animal hides is the leather industry, which accounts for much of the slaughter of animals. We will not only save the lives of the animals by choosing alternate methods, but also help the environment flourish. Sustainable fashion has brought to light a moral and ethical responsibility which was being neglected under the guise of fashion.  

 Resources need to be conserved

Sustainable clothing uses less natural resources because recycling is a key component. Chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres, and other chemicals are used in non-organic clothing, which puts a strain on our natural resources and inherently affects the health of our environment.

 Human life has value

A number of dangerous substances are released into factories every day, which affect workers’ health and force them to work in poor conditions. Fast fashion is making these workers work longer hours for unhealthy reasons, at the expense of their health. When we opt for sustainable clothing, we’re ensuring the safety of these workers and giving them a better life.

  Providing assistance to local farmers

Wool, cotton, hemp, and organic fibers are the major raw materials used in sustainable clothing.  As a result, ‘farm to fashion’ not only boosts agriculture, but also provides support to farmers who are reliant on it.

 Women’s empowerment

Sustainable Fashion advocates fair trade, which means that women’s income and working conditions are equal to those of their male counterparts. Especially in developing countries in which women are still fighting for equality, this is a big victory for them. It also enables them to live a life on their own terms by making them more independent.

 The promotion of ‘love’ for planet Earth

Our natural resources and human lives are heavily impacted by the textile and garment industry. The concept of sustainable clothing is about reusing your clothes, using old fabrics to make new ones, utilizing natural and plant-based dyes and fibres, supporting a healthy working culture among artisans and workers, avoiding animal leather, sustainable clothing uses less water when making a garment, and making conscious and mindful decisions as part of everyday life. In this way, we encourage a love for our planet and a desire to protect it.

  Clothing with a longer lifespan  

Almost all Sustainable Clothing brands are handcrafted, which gives their designs a unique and fresh feel. The clothes are also not produced in bulk, but the materials used are stronger and more durable, so the clothes have a longer shelf life. This reduces the amount of money spent on buying and reduces waste.