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Instant Win Sweepstakes - Enter Sweepstakes to Win Instant Prizes


We can better understand the advantages of Instant Win Promotions by taking a look at traditional online sweepstakes: Participants enter their name and email address, click a submit button, and find out days (or weeks, or even months) after entering if they have won.

Most traditional sweepstakes gather customer data, increase website traffic and accomplish a variety of other marketing objectives, but they also lack two essential elements: Repeat Interaction and Instant Gratification. The Instant Win Sweepstakes flex their marketing muscles here.

Game players love winning prizes, and winning games is an undeniable fact. With these two factors combined, you can generate buzz for new releases, create incentives for visitors to return to your website multiple times, and make your promotion unique and fun enough for people to share it with their friends and family. There are a few unique advantages to Instant Win Sweepstakes:

Gratification on demand

When people want something today, they expect it right now. They do not like to wait for gratification, so instant win promotions (depending on the goals you have) can be more appealing than traditional sweepstakes.

Take a look at your last experience playing the state lottery: Instant-win games with cash prizes and free tickets are great when you want to award low-value prizes. Instant-win games create immediate excitement for the winner. In general, the highest payouts come from buying and holding on to winning number tickets. You can give away a lot of lower-value prizes with instant win sweepstakes and have the big payout after a random drawing that announces a few high-value prizes.

Increasing web traffic from repeat visitors

You run sweepstakes in order to increase the traffic on your website. Is that one of the reasons you do it? In that case, you should try an instant win sweepstakes. Entering sweepstakes with multiple entry options (once a day, unlimited entry, etc.) can significantly increase your website traffic. Those visitors who visit your site to enter the sweepstakes should be your target audience – meaning the traffic you receive during the promotion is exactly what you want. Finally, if you are offering a prize related to your company (one of the company’s offerings, or a prize closely related to your offerings), those people visiting your site to enter the sweepstakes should also fall into your target audience.

Potential for “viral” growth

One of the best things a business can do is to have their content go viral on the web. The word is spread about a new product, service, or promotion by people working on your behalf. When you create a prize that is valuable to the consumer (and relevant to your target audience), and attach a game or entry process that is fun, creative and unique, you increase the likelihood of participants sharing the promotion with family members, friends and their social media networks.

Interaction through games

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to have fun? There is nothing better than having fun. The use of a game in the sweepstakes will increase the level of interactivity since the public will be able to enjoy more than simply filling out a form. By setting a goal to beat a friend or family member’s score through social media, a fun game can entice more participants to enter as well as offer them the opportunity to tell their friends about it.

US Sweepstakes offers custom games as well as pre-made templates that can be customized for any promotion. Play Spin & Win, Match & Win, Scratch & Win, Drop & Catch, and Match 3 games (think of Candy Crush). Please click here to contact us if you would like more information on these templates, or other instant win games we can incorporate into your business’s next promotion.