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Were Drake and Julia Fox in a Relationship? – aGOODoutfit

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Were Drake and Julia Fox in a Relationship? – aGOODoutfit


Julia Fox Drake relationship

When you are a celebrity, no just one escapes the watchful and hopeful eyes of the press. But usually occasions, the push studies on matters that didn’t really happen such as associations.

Drake and Julia have long been rumored to have dated, but are the rumors accurate?

Whilst many feel Drake is on Julia Fox’s ex-boyfriends checklist, this only didn’t occur. At least not in accordance to Julia.

In an episode of her Forbidden Fruits  podcast, Julia disclosed “He’s a excellent guy and a gentleman, and that was it…nothing genuinely happened.” She also included “We were being just, like, mates hanging out. I would not say that we have been dating.”

Although he has been joined to different females, it looks like Drake and Julia were being under no circumstances a issue.

Nevertheless, it is intriguing to observe that she felt the need to convey to Kanye that they had been good friends ahead of her and Kanye started out relationship. In the previous, there experienced been a significant degree of animosity between Drake and Kanye so Julia desired Kanye to experience fully at ease with the friendship.

As much as a timeline goes on their friendship, they started off cozying up additional often than not for the duration of the pre-pandemic days. Julia did also expose the friendship ended sometime in 2020 stating “that was fully 2020, like, two a long time in the past.”

Even with Julia protesting that they have been just pals, there is no denying the two used time jointly. It was speculated that the only motive the two stopped their closeness was the pandemic and their residing scenarios. It was also rumored that Drake acquired her two Birkin luggage.

Irrespective of all the evidence to the opposite, Julia is adamant that the two did not share a passionate relationship.


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