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Whamisa Fresh Pear Blossom Line Review – Unboxing Beauty

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I LOVE the Fresh series at Whamisa ~ the Fresh line is for oily, dehydrated skin and it works so well for me ~ see my review on the Fresh Cactus line and my reviews on IG.  I think sometimes Whamisa gets a bad reputation due to the fact that a lot of folks jump on the current hype without choosing the products that are appropriate for your skin type and needs.  That was me, several years ago with Whamisa ~ every product I tried was a complete miss.  However, over the last few years, I have decided to go with my instinct and not the current trend (slugging, hello) and now I am so happy with this brand.   Whamisa has generously sent me both of these items for review purposes.

Skin Type/Concernsoily, blemish prone, dehydrated, aging concerns, pores, fine lines/wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation

I received some of these products complementary to review and was not paid.  All reviews are my own honest opinion and  I never have been asked to write copy for a brand.  This blog post might contain promo codes, affiliate and referral links, which using my links will help generate a small commission that helps support my blog at no extra cost to you.

Key Ingredients

Following the footsteps with the Fresh Cactus line, the Fresh Pear Blossom line doesn’t contain any of their classic fermented ingredients.   The ingredients list is also quite shorter than most Whamisa products and the majority of the product is made up of pyrus communis or pear extracts.  Refreshing and moisturizing, pears contain a variety of good stuff for your skin ~ antioxidant and skin brightening vitamin C, amino acids, minerals and  hydrating polysaccharides.  Pear extract also has tyrosinase inhibitors so it helps with lightening  hyper-pigmentation. (source pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

These products have CICA care with derivatives from centella: Asiaticoside helps form collagen to strengthen your skin and speeds up wound healing. Asiatic acid is an anti-aging compound, that helps to plump up your skin, prevents wrinkles, fine lines and scar tissue. Madecassic acid helps aid in the production of collagen and tissue

Essential fatty acid linoleic acid  helps unclog pores, strengthens the skin barrier, moisturizes your skin and providing anti-inflammatory benefits while hydrating sodium hyaluronate will bind moisture to your skin. Chamomile derivative -alpha-bisabolol  is a rich source of moisture, while providing soothing and healing care, as it is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial.

These products do contain essential oils of lavender, bergamot, rosewood and patchouli, so please keep that in mind if you are sensitive to EO’s.  I am not and I TOTALLY love the fragrance of Whamisa products. EO’s can be beneficial in skin care ~ lavender is good for healing with its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and bergamot has antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent benefits, great for oily, blemish prone skin.  Anti-aging rosewood and patchouli help soften and firms skin, while stimulating cells to help regenerate tissues. Whamisa sources ingredients that are natural and organic, sustainable, uses environmentally conscious practices and is cruelty free and vegan⁣

Fresh Pear Blossom Single Essence (Natural Origin 99%)  Along with the key ingredients, this also contains Lion’s Mane mushroom, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits.  It has polysaccharides that boost antioxidant enzymes and aid in production collagen levels, along with moisturizing beta-glucan.  Vitamin C helps inhibits tyrosinase, and therefore, will help reduce the melanin, brightening your skin tone and fading dark spots and  hyper-pigmentation.

Ingredients: **Pyrus Communis (Pear) Fruit Extract, **Hericium Erinaceum (Lion’s Mane Mushroom) Extract, **Pyrus Communis (Pear) Flower Extract(3%), ☆Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C), **Glycerin, **Propanediol, Water, **Sodium Levulinate, **Sodium Anisate, **Xanthan Gum, **Pyrus Communis (Pear) Flower(0.15%), **Sorbitan Oleate, **Sodium Hyaluronate, Linolenic Acid, Phenylpropanol, **Asiatic Acid, **Madecassic Acid, **Asiaticoside, **Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, **Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, **Aniba Rosodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, **Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Citral, Linalool, Limonene cosDNA**Natural Origin / ☆Ecocert / Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free

I love the packaging on this toner!  It is a tall glass bottle with a pin hole applicator and three-quarters of the bottle is white, and the bottom of the bottle is clear, so you can see this beautiful pear blossom just floating in the toner.

This toner has a heavenly fragrance, which is the classic Whamisa scent ~ very herbal and invigorating.  It is a clear, watery toner with a pH level of 5, making it mildly acidic and skin friendly.  I am not sure why this is called single essence, as there are a lot more ingredients in here other than the pear extracts, but this is a great toner ~ I find it to be very good for oily skin, as it has a refreshing and cooling sensation, while acting as an astringent and removing excess oils.  I totally recommend this one!

Packaging Deets: Made of 100% recyclable materials:  Bottle and tube are made of recycled and recyclable glass, cap and pump are make of recyclable PP and the outer box is  made of recyclable paper.   

Fresh Pear Blossom Single Eye Serum (Natural Origin 94%) contains the key ingredients as well as the following: Amino acid lysine-derived tranexamic acid that helps smooth and brighten skin and also helps suppress melanin, reversing hyper-pigmentation.  Tranexamic acid is one of my favorite skin brightening ingredients!  Arjuna bark or terminalia arjuna bark contains copious amounts of  flavonoids, minerals, tannins and glycosides. The tannins help with depuffing as they have astringent benefits and its antioxidant properties help stimulate the blood circulation around the eyes.   

Inonotus obliquus, aka chaga,  grows on birch trees and it really doesn’t look like a mushroom ~ it looks like the charred remains on a tree ~ and it cannot be harvested by just plucking it off the tree.  It has to be chiseled off without harming the tree ~ and can be re-harvested many times over.  Chaga mushroom health and restorative properties go back thousands of years  and contains many benefits.  Chaga contains betulin, which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-viral compound and it helps the growth of new skin cells.  It also contains beta-glucan, which is a moisturizing anti-inflammatory.  Chaga also is a powerful anti-oxidant and it helps your skin be tone, firm and maintain its elasticity, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.    

Sparassis crispa or cauliflower fungus has anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits due to its rich source of veratric acid, which also increases skin elasticity. 

Adenosine helps improve the reduction of wrinkles and is also an anti inflammatory. More CICA ingredients are included in here with centella derived  madecassoside,  helping to soothe, reduce redness and inflammation and heal your skin.  Oleic acids are rich in omega-9 and it is a hydrating and anti-inflammatory fatty acid.  It can be pore-clogging for those with oily skin ~ I mention this as this eye serum also states it can be used on the face

Ingredients: **Pyrus Communis (Pear) Fruit Extract, Tranexamic Acid, **Sparassis Crispa Extract, **Inonotus Obliquus (Mushroom) Extract, **Pyrus Communis (Pear) Flower Extract(1%), **Cetearyl Olivate, **Sorbitan Olivate, ☆Oleic acid, ☆Terminalia Arjuna Bark Extract, ☆Lecithin, **Sodium Hyaluronate, Linolenic Acid, Carbomer, ☆(-)-alpha-bisabolol, **Glyceryl Caprylate, **Caprylyl Glycol, **Madecassoside, Water, ☆Adenosine, p-Anisic Acid, **Asiaticoside, **Madecassic acid, **Asiatic Acid, **Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, **Aniba Rosodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, **Pogostemon Cablin Oil, **Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Linalool, Limonene   cosDNA   **Natural origin /☆Ecocert / Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free

The eye serum comes in this white metal tube and it is sealed with a metal seal.  Use the cap’s pointy end to pierce the seal to open.  This has a lovely lightweight, silky smooth texture, with that classic Whamisa herbal scent.

This absorbs quickly without any sticky residue and I like using this as a first step for my eye area and then top it off with a thicker eye cream or use a retinol eye cream first and then top it off with this eye serum.  It really is hydrating and keeps my skin soft.   I didn’t notice any brightening of my dark circles, but I think that is because my dark circles are from a lack of sleep, not any pigmentation.  This did help depuff some of my eye bags, so that was a nice trade off and unexpected.  

Whamisa does say you can use this on your neck and other wrinkle prone, hyperpigmentation areas on your skin.  I would be careful if you have oily, blemish prone skin, due to the oleic acid in here, as that can be pore-clogging and lead to pimples.   

Packaging Deets: Made of 71% recyclable materials: Tube is made of unrecyclable aluminum, cap is made of recyclable PP and the outer box is  made of recyclable paper.  

I really love how Whamisa is going the extra level in their packaging. This graphic on their site does show how committed they are in enacting sustainable, recyclable  packaging that is bio-degradable. 

image from whamisa

Where to Purchase

Whamisa has a USA store, where you get free shipping with $60.00+ purchase, free samples and they have a rewards program as well. Save $5.00 on your first purchase with my referral code   



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