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What Is GapCash? Literally Everything You Need to Know

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The current GapCash redemption period runs through June 19. Spend at least $50 on your order to redeem. Redeem your Gap Cash.

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Even the retailer’s biggest fans may not be fully savvy about GapCash and its money-saving benefits. Here’s what it is and how to get it so you can save even more next time you shop at Gap stores or online at Gap.com. 

GapCash isn’t continuous rewards program. Instead, it’s offered only during certain times. Find Out When You Can Earn GapCash Next 

What Is GapCash?

GapCash is a rewards currency that’s earnable and usable only at Gap. During certain scheduled periods, when you spend a certain amount while shopping with Gap, the retailer gives you GapCash — either physical coupons or digital ones associated with your online account — that you can use to save more money the next time you’re picking up your favorite fashions for adults, teens, kids and babies. You don’t have to be a Gap cardholder or Gap Good rewards loyalty member to earn GapCash; these perks are for any and all shoppers.  

Image: Gap.com

How to Earn GapCash

During special scheduled time periods throughout the year, you earn GapCash every time you shop at participating Gap, GapBody, GapKids, babyGap and Gap Factory/Outlet stores, as well as online at Gap.com and GapFactory.com in the United States & Puerto Rico, and GapCanada.ca in Canada.  

Here’s how earning GapCash works: Say you spend between $50 and $74.99 at a Gap store. You’ll earn $20 in GapCash ($40 for double earn GapCash) to redeem during a future allowed window of time. Spend $75 – $99.99, and you get $30 GapCash ($60 for double earn GapCash). Online, the tiers are slightly different, with shoppers spending between $50 and $99.99 earning $20 in GapCash. That goes up to $40 in GapCash when you spend between $100 and $149.99. 

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How to Redeem Gap Cash 

You must redeem your GapCash during the eligible redemption time period in stores or online on all qualifying merchandise purchases. Your GapCash voucher or email will specify the dates that it can be used. Spend $50 to $74.99 on your next purchase, and you can redeem $20 in GapCash. Spend $75 to $99.99, redeem $30 GapCash, while shoppers spending between $100 to $124.99 may redeem $40 GapCash, and so on. The maximum amount of GapCash you can redeem per transaction is $120. You can use one GapCash coupon with a single transaction, but there is no limit to how many GapCash coupons you can redeem overall.

You are actually allowed to spend less than the full required threshold and still redeem a GapCash coupon, but you will receive a corresponding lower value discount based on the applicable amount you spend. For example, to redeem $20 in GapCash you would need to spend $50 or more, but if you spend at least $25 you will still receive $10 off your purchase.

When Does Gap Run Gap Cash Promos?

Pretty much constantly, all year round. In generally, you’ll find Gap Cash earnings periods that run for about six weeks. Then, the Gap Cash redemption period follows for about one week. So don’t sleep on that Gap Cash — it expires quickly.

Where Do I Find the GapCash Code? 

When you are handed your GapCash voucher, there’s a code on it that you can input if you decide to use it online. If you are redeeming your GapCash in person, you don’t need to do anything but hand over the voucher to your salesperson. Either way, don’t lose your GapCash, because it basically is cash. 

Can I Stack Gap Cash With Other Coupons?

Yes and no. Though GapCash is typically not combinable with other offers, promotional codes or coupons, Gap Cardmembers can combine GapCash with Rewards Cards and the first-purchase discount on purchases made in retail stores only. However, GapCash is not combinable with cardmembers’ extra 10% off in stores. When in doubt, ask a helpful Gap salesperson. 

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Can You Use Old Navy Cash at Gap?

No. Old Navy’s Super Cash coupons cannot be redeemed at other Gap Inc. brand stores or websites. 

Can You Use GapCash at Old Navy?

Again, nope — GapCash cannot be redeemed at other Gap Inc. brand stores or websites, or in the company’s Hebron clearance center. 

What Happens With GapCash When You Make A Return?

Under GapCash rules, if you return some or all of the merchandise purchased with a GapCash coupon, the dollar value discount of the GapCash coupon will not be refunded or credited back. 

Is GapCash Different From Gap Rewards?

Image: Gap.com

Yes, it is. GapCash is its own standalone program. Gap Good Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards its members with perks that you can use not only at the Gap, but also Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta as part of their newly-launched “One Membership. Four Brands.” program. 

Become a Gap Good Rewards member for free, and start earning 1 point for every $1 you spend as a member at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy & Athleta. For every 100 points you earn, you now have $1 in rewards or discounts to use. The more you spend, the more benefits you unlock, and if you’re a Gap cardholder, those perks get even better. You can even donate your points to one of five organizations chosen by Gap Inc. that support charitable initiatives.  

How Do I Convert Points to GapCash?

It’s not possible to convert Gap rewards points into GapCash. However, you can go the other way and convert GapCash to Gap rewards points.

You can convert unused GapCash to Gap Good Points, even if your GapCash has expired, so long as you add the code of unused Bonus Cash within 30 days of expiration. Gap rewards members can convert each dollar of a GapCash coupon to 1 reward point. So if things in your life get hectic and you aren’t able to shop during the GapCash redeem period, you can still get the benefits. 

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