June 18, 2024


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Woman exposes NYX for ‘making foundation look darker’

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Woman exposes NYX for ‘making foundation look darker’


A woman who has grown frustrated with make-up brands not catering to her complexion has called out NYX cosmetics after they allegedly made their darkest foundation a different shade on the website.

Golloria, a lifestyle influencer from Austin, Texas, took to TikTok after she bought an NYX foundation in the shade ‘Deep Ebony’ – but discovered it was a way lighter shade than advertised.

In the video, which has gained more than 131,00 likes, Golloria said: “As you can see down below deep Ebony is the darkest shade that nix has for their total drop foundation. This is how dark, the shade looks on the box and online.

“When I first picked this up, I was like, ‘oh, this would probably match me. Like it looks deep enough’.

Golloria claims NYX cosmetics made the deep ebony shade look darker online

“No, no, no. Here’s deep Ebony outside of the box. As you can see, it says Deep Ebony.

“This looks way lighter than the actual photo on the website and the packaging, which is a huge problem.

“I’m going to go ahead and try it on for you guys. I’m just going to use like a drop. I just want to show you guys now.

“Remember they said this shade was supposed to look like this shade over here. I think marketing, like this, is super harmful and deceiving.

“You cannot claim to be inclusive and then move like this. I’ve noticed the same pattern in other companies as well.

“When it comes to packaging, they will literally make the shade look 10 times darker than what it actually is instead of just making the actual shade.

“This is so unacceptable and you can’t even try to defend this. There’s no way these are the same.”

Nyx cosmetics website
The foundation on the NYX cosmetics website

TikTok users took to the comments with other women sharing similar experiences with trying to find a foundation shade.

One user said: “That’s not even marketing, that’s lying.”

Another added: “I don’t get why they don’t make darker shades? Like wouldn’t they be making more money if they included as many shades as possible?”

A third wrote: “If they can make the packaging dark why can’t they make the actual shade darker. That’s literally at least 3 shades lighter than the box.”

Golloria shows what the foundation looks like on her skin

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A woman with pale skin added: “Similar issue here I bought their lightest shade because it looked like it would match and it was literally orange on me.”

Some users tried to defend the company, as one user wrote: “This is just what marketing is.”

Many users tagged NYX Cosmetics in the comments but they have not responded to the viral video.

The brand has also been contacted by Daily Star for comment.


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