Woman Sues Cosmetic Company Alleging False Claims About Mink Fur Lashes

A female is suing a cosmetic business with several celebrity consumers, alleging its fake eyelashes that include mink fur are falsely advertised as staying manufactured in a “cruelty-free” way when in simple fact they made in China in a way abusive to the semiaquatic mammals.

“The animals often show indications of excessive psychological distress, these as frantic circling and self-mutilation, and go through from bacterial infections, gaping wounds and other sicknesses and injuries that typically go untreated,” according to Haylee Woodard’s proposed Los Angeles Excellent Courtroom lawsuit from El Segundo-centered Lilly Lashes LLC.

Woodard’s lawsuit allegations incorporate bogus promoting, consumer fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of specific guarantee and negligent misrepresentation. Woodard seeks an injunction from Lilly Lashes’ alleged manufacturing methods as effectively as a refund to all course members who purchased mink eyelashes from April 2018 to the present in the fit introduced Tuesday.

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