June 18, 2024


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Woman who applied makeup every day for 22 years says husband ‘doesn’t find her sexy’ without it

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With the way the world is at the moment, most people could be forgiven for not getting glammed up to stay at home every day.

And, with the UK in national lockdown, makeup has become a thing of the past for most people.

So readers of Slate were shocked when one woman wrote in to the Dear Prudence advice column, after she wore makeup every day of her 22-year marriage.

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The woman shared that she spent an hour a day getting ready for 22 years

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The unnamed woman said that she spends an hour of the day applying her make-up with no exceptions, however recently she started giving herself a break on Sundays, much to her husband’s disapproval.

Writing in for advice on her situation, she explained: “I have been happily married for 22 years and we have two children.

Cropped image of beautiful young woman in white undershirt using a hair straightener and smiling while looking into the mirror in bathroom
She confessed to doing her hair and make-up every day

“Almost every day (barring sickness and/or camping trips) I have risen, showered, shaved my legs, and spent nearly an hour putting on makeup and fixing my hair. I’m tired of it, so I recently stopped doing it on Sundays.”

The woman insisted that she wasn’t a “total slob” and still wore moisturiser and made sure her hair was neat.

“Mind you, I don’t look like a total slob, I just put on moisturiser, put my hair up in a ponytail and wear tracksuits or other casual clothing,” she wrote, before she revealed her husband’s reaction to her taking a day off.

“My husband is having a fit about my grooming-free Sundays. He is worried that this is the beginning of a ‘downward spiral’ for me into a messy, slobby woman with permanent razor stubble.

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The woman said that she was trying going make-up free on Sundays

“He points out that he still showers every day and that, while he doesn’t shave on weekends, I’ve told him that his stubble is sexy (it is) but he finds nothing sexy about my new look.

“I think he’s being ridiculous and his nagging about it is really getting on my nerves,” she added saying she found his reaction “unfair.”

She continued: “He says it’s not fair of me to change things in the middle of the game like this. I say it’s not fair of him to expect me to tart myself all up every. single. day. Who is right here?”

The advice columnist, Emily Yoffe, didn’t hesitate in branding the woman’s husband a “jerk” for his actions.

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